Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and hot

I found out Reading Terminal Market opened earlier than I thought, so I got out the door early yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I hadn’t gotten two blocks (just hit Walnut St.) when my shoe broke and I had to turn back. Better two blocks than twelve, right?

I can fix it when I’m home with my wardrobe kit, but not here. Changed shoes, tried again. Made it this time, although I had to climb over a film crew. Nice to see so much shooting in Philly in the past year or so. Was tempted to swing by the wardrobe truck to borrow some barge to fix the shoe.

Market was fine. Didn’t buy much — herbs, spices, coffees, some pastry. Headed back and hit CVS for a few things missing from the premises, and to get gel insoles for my Timberland sneakers. Bless ‘em, they’re four years old now and I wear them constantly. They’re still great, but the inner supports have worn down.

Back in for the day a little after 10, because, with the heat index, it was around 97 and felt every bit of it!

Worked on the material for Confidential Job #1. The undercurrent of sexism in it is pissing me off, and will go in my write up.

Skimmed through a book on the premises — one of those enlightenment tomes Oprah stumped for a few years back. Of course, it’s easy to talk about enlightenment when you’re a billionaire. Anyway, I thought the book was crap. Very presentational, found a factual error on p. 4, and not a bit of practical application. Glad I didn’t pay for it — I’d have asked for my money back!

Rested quite a bit; trying to get my energy back after months of taking care of Elsa round the clock. She seems to be responding well to the new medicine (it finally arrived on Monday night). I can’t believe how much I miss her, but I’m glad she’s doing well at home.

Little bit of writing done, nothing major. Playing with a few different things. Got out some article pitches, did some negotiations for more workshops. Can’t get into the Savvy Authors site, which is going to be an issue when I’m teaching the deconstruction seminars in fall. Hopefully, we can get it sorted. It’s been re-set twice, now, by the admin, and the site still tells me I don’t exist, whether I use Safari or Firefox.

Of course, since I said I didn’t want to work on POWER OF WORDS all week, the ideas are flowing fast and furiously. Go figure!

I’m out of the house early today. The cleaner is coming this morning, so I’m off to the Clay Center here in Philly, then to the cemetery where Ben Franklin is buried (it’s only open in summer; last time I was here in the summer it was closed for renovation or something weird), and I have to pick up some info at the Visitor Center near the Liberty Bell.

By then, I’ll be ready for a nice cold beer at a pub before heading back. Hopefully, I can finish off Confidential Job #1 this afternoon and get a few exercises done on the booklet.

It’s another hot one today. Now they’re saying 97 tomorrow and over 100 for Saturday. ick. Pray the power grid holds.


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  1. Sounds like you are getting some well needed rest as well as work done. I could feel your exhaustion these past months. I am glad Elsa is feeling better.

    These temps are so dangerous. Am praying for the grids to hold. Would you believe a couple of weeks ago at 5pm here, I was boiling eggs. It was sunny out and hot. I heard a huge boom that scared me. Then my electric went out. I called the Coop. They told me that on my road only which includes about 6 houses a lighting strike out of nowhere took down a line. My road ONLY. 90 minutes later it was back on.

    Have fun.

  2. I’m glad that Elsa is doing better with her new medicine.

    Glad you’re having a good time in Philly. I really need to take a trip there.

    Have a good Thursday.

  3. We’ll get you that beer. The place we’re going has the largest selection of Belgian beers in the country.

    I wonder about a lot of Oprah’s picks. I don’t buy books based on her endorsement – rather, I avoid them.

  4. I’m glad you will be able to repair your shoe and that you weren’t hurt when it broke. I don’t, nor doubt I ever will, read a book that Oprah has endorsed. I find them sanctimonious.
    So glad to hear Elsa’s medicine arrived and that she’s responding well. I hope you continue to have a good time on your trip!

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