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Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
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Hot, humid, sunny, sticky

The humidity wasn’t a problem yesterday until later in the day, although the heat soared. Today, I doubt we’ll be that lucky. Now they’re saying we’ll break 100. That’s pretty rare around here.

I wanted to put studio time in, but the website wasn’t updated, and no one answered the phone, so it was a pretty good bet they were closed.

I got out a couple of queries for the plays. I finished the draft changing BEHIND THE MAN from a three-act interactive piece to a two-act proscenium piece. I expanded it a bit in Act I and have to add some more in Act II — it’s still a little short. And I need to work on the new material. It’s not yet seamlessly integrated with the other material.

I started the same transformation on THE MATILDA MURDERS. My dilemma there is that one of the jokes in the interactive version is that all the characters interact/acknowledge the audience except Nate, and he starts to wonder if he’s crazy or if they’re crazy. I’ve been trying to make that work in the two-act structure, but it doesn’t. I may have to lose that whole element. That makes the gap between the three-act and two-act versions wider, which is a good thing, but means I have to come up with extra business to replace the business I’m cutting, and, again, make the play longer.

It’s a fascinating process.

Finished Susan Turnbull’s ALMOST FRENCH. In many ways, it works better for me than Elizabeth Gilbert’s overpraised EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Don’t get me wrong — I think Gilbert’s writing is beautiful. But, to me, she went on this incredible journey and ended up in the same place she started. The man was a different individual and the location was different, but she hadn’t really made progress. The entire focus of her existence was still on a man. Yes, she spent time on her own, but one never got a sense that she developed as an individual. It was always in how she related to the men on her journey. And then, the second book of hers that came out a few months ago, is a justification as to why she agreed to marry this new guy after swearing she’d never get married again. Don’t plan to read it. It’s none of my business. It’s her life, not mine. I don’t care what she does, and if she wants to change her mind, that’s up to her. But she’s doing it publicly, and in my opinion, she’s being well-paid to be a hypocrite. It doesn’t matter on a personal level because we are not a part of each other’s lives. I think it’s great she’s a success, good for her, it’s hard to make a living in this business. So, she found out her “ethics” on the matter of remarriage weren’t all that strong when push came to shove and she’d have to make actual compromises for her supposed “principles.” I don’t need to spend my hard-earned money reading her justification. Turnbull, on the other hand, although she comes to Paris because she’s fallen in love with a guy, actually builds a life AND a partnership, and, for all the growth and change she manages during the six years before her marriage, she also stays true to an essential core of herself, even when she makes mistakes, even when it’s not always pretty, even if she’s not always right. And I really like and respect that about both her and her book. She doesn’t make excuses or justifications. She simply IS. She’s doing the best she can, she’s learning along the way, and she’s taking joy in the journey. For a memoir, there’s not a whole lot of naval-gazing going on, and yet she has a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

Roughed out two comedy sketches, one political, one more universal, about scumbag landlords. They still need work — the political one needs more zap leading to the end, and it’s very vicious. I may need to dial down the viciousness, yet still be witty enough to get my point across. But they were fun to write. I want to write two more, polish them, and that will be my first bunch sent to the comedy group.

Started reading Adriana Trigani’s LUCIA, LUCIA, which is a lovely novel. I’m throughly enjoying it. Although most of it is set in the Greenwich Village of the 1950’s, enough of it remained when I went to NYU in the 80’s to enjoy the landmarks. Some of them are still there, but NYU is rapidly buying up all the lovely historical buildings, ripping them down, and building soulless dormitories. I’m sometimes embarrassed to be an NYU alum; it used to mean something, one could take pride in it, but now — they’ve been such poor stewards of the grace and history of the Village for the past twenty years that it’s disgusting.

Will try to get some writing done and read at least a bit of the play sent over by my acquaintance before it gets too hot to work and I have to shut off the computer. We have to “conserve power” — either the air can be on or the TV or the computer. Let’s see, now, Con Ed raises our fees by 17% every year, but can’t provide the power we need. Something’s not only twisted about that, but fraudulent. Their JOB, their reason for existence, is to provide the power we need because we’re paying for it. Fingers crossed they don’t screw us like they usually do — there’s no place I can take the cats to cool down if the power goes out.

No studio time for me today. It’s not even 7:30 in the morning, and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. I do not do well in heat and humidity. I am a Winter Girl all the way!

Elsa is hanging in there. She’s not making huge progress, but she’s eating better and interacting more and making decisions. She’s not backsliding, although the heat and humidity are tough on her, too. Still waiting to hear back from the vet about her new medication. Getting a little tired of having to wait at least a week every time I make contact.

Stay cool, stay hydrated.

I’m going back to the page.




  1. I repeat, we need to get you out of that stupid place. (At least you are getting writing material) It blows my mind to think you are paying for services that you aren’t getting (enough electric) and they increased your fee to boot. whew!

    Collected only one dog this morning on my walk- a new one. The little Yorkie was sooooo cute. He just came out of nowhere but I think he belongs to the German Shepherd family. I made the mistake of talking to him. Finally, I walked back about 100 feet hoping he would go home and then had to say “go home” and “No” sternly. This hurt my feelings as much as it hurt his, but he was too little keep following. (I wish my neighborhood peeps would keep their dogs home.)

    Keep cool there.


    • I love Yorkies! They are so cute. And I love German Shepherds, too. I hope to have dogs in my new place.

  2. I have to agree about the Gilbert book. I listened to it and at first, I loved it. It felt, on the surface, life-altering in places. Then it sat with me a while and, well, it didn’t sit well. I was a bit put off by the narcissism of it, to be honest. No, I don’t think she’s a narcissist, but the tale read almost too “look at me, look at my journey and how I got someone to pay for my trip” for me. I agree she didn’t seem to grow much. Perhaps she did and she simply cannot convey how much, in which case why write a book about it?

  3. Haven’t read either of the memoirs, but now I’m fascinated by both of them. I remain bemused by the entire memoir genre. I enjoy reading them, but find myself completely lacking any desire to pen such a work.

    Wouldn’t it be great if new housing was on your horizon? Hope the heat is manageable today.

  4. OH MY GOSH you need to get out of there as soon as you can!!! If they cut out the power, and you have no AC, that is INHUMANE.

    Sorry, I am touchy about that stuff. I hope the power stays on, and you are able to be comfortable.

    • The power issues isn’t the landlords; there are overall power problems in the region.

  5. At least the scumbag landlords are somehow useful in your comedic writing. I hope your power stays on and y’all can stay cool. Sending good thoughts your way.

  6. That sounds stifling. Hopefully it will cool down with no bad effects and you won’t have to cut power. Roll on the autumn, eh? 🙂

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