Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Hot, sticky, icky

I pretty much wilted yesterday, and fairly early. Got the grocery shopping done, hung out with the neighbor’s cat, got a bit of writing done.

In spite of honoring Fandango, the Air Conditioner Goddess (thank you, Barbara Ardinger), I had all the excitement of a wet dishrag. I am a Winter Girl, born in a snowstorm under a full moon. Heat and humidity don’t do it for me.

The cats got absolutely frantic in the afternoon, trying to get out of the air conditioned room. At first, I thought it was their usual hatred of closed doors. But then, Elsa, who had not been doing well all afternoon (I thought I’d be posting her obituary today), hauled herself up, yanked away the barrier that blocked them from opening the door, pried it open, and led them to “safety.”

Turns out there was an earthquake near Ottawa, and it could be felt all the way down here! I sure didn’t feel it, but the cats did.

Funny thing is, whenever Elsa gets very busy, we always tease her with, “Is there an earthquake in New Jersey?” because once, when there was one, she practically climbed the walls. And this wasn’t in New Jersey, but she could sense it anyway. Always trust the cats and dogs, right? They know what’s going on.

Checked on the neighbor’s cat in the afternoon. That apartment wasn’t too hot. I actually fell asleep with him on my lap for about an hour, which was pretty funny, but at least he had some company. Three weeks is a long time for a cat, and that’s how long his human is away.

I wasn’t very productive yesterday. Today’s supposed to be hotter and more humid, so more of the same. We were supposed to head to Plymouth, MA and just over the bridge on the Cape to take care of a few things, but I can’t leave the cats in this heat. They need the air, and it’s not safe to leave the air on without us here — too much of a fire risk. So we’ll try to go sometime next week instead.

Elsa’s having a hard time eating, still. She wants to, but it’s like she physically can’t. I haven’t heard back from the vet yet, so I’m going to get some Pedialyte and see if that will help. The vet had suggested it earlier, and that’s what we give to actors when they’re ill, but we still have to get them onstage. Feeding her a few teaspoons every couple of hours is keeping her going, but now we need to find something stronger and more longterm. And it’s hard on the other cats, too, especially Violet, who adores Elsa. Iris has my mother as her own, personal human slave, but Violet and Elsa have always been very close. Elsa’s illness is breaking Violet’s heart, as well as not being much fun for Elsa.

I’m going to try to get some work done on a few articles this morning, before it gets too hot to work, and maybe a little bit of work on POWER OF WORDS. I need to work on some proposals, but I’m not up to zippy, excited language today. More like mojito-on-the-beach language.

I am grateful to live someplace where the seasons are clearly defined. I don’t do well in the heat, but I do even less well when there’s an unchangeable climate. I like variety.


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  1. Elsa does seem to be up and down … 😦 Hope she rallies soon and stays there.

    That subtle change from “I” to “we” … is it significant? 😉

    • The “we” refers to different people in different situations, and none of them wish to be singly referred to in the blog.

  2. Reading a book or working on a story where the scene is a snowstorm might cool you down. I am a MO girl and still cannot tolerate the humidity. But I do give in this time of year and don’t try to straigten my hair. It’s pointless.

    Re:Cats and their senses.I believe in God’s allowance of gaurdian angels assigned to indiviuals. I’ve seen them in action, but that’s another story. When I was going through some really bad times, Chloe’, my Main Coone cat, would sit in front of me and stare at them looking from side to side and around my head. This only happened when, I felt, they were closer than close because of my circumstances.

    Cats (and dogs) know what’s going on, even when we have no clue.

    • POWER OF WORDS has a big nor’easter going on in this section — I’m using it! Yes, cats and dogs are far more perceptive on more levels than most humans.

  3. I had a dalmatian once that was lying quietly, then suddenly he was in my lap (I was sitting on the floor) digging and whining and nudging me with his nose. Then he did something totally unusual – he crawled behind the sofa. Turns out a tornado had just lambasted the next hill over and then turned and hit my parents’ neighborhood. Animals do indeed know.

    Much love to our dear Elsa. May the spirits protect her and heal her.

  4. We have two seasons here in Texas: Hot and Hotter. LOL We’re having a particuarly hot and humid summer this year. It stinks. Usually I can deal but this year is awful. We’re so NOT cold weather people so this past cold winter nearly did us in. haha

    I really hope Elsa is okay. I’m sending you lots of healing thoughts to both of you. HUGS

  5. The heat and humidity are awful here as well. I hope things cool down a bit for you soon. Prayers and hugs for you and Elsa.

  6. Power to the pussies! LOL!

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