Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010
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Sunny and pleasant

Yesterday wasn’t much of a writing day, although I soldiered along on POWER OF WORDS. Because of all the energy I’m using to try and help Elsa, there’s not much left for anything else. I’m trying to recharge, but I’m only managing to keep up with deadlines. I need to hustle some new work, though, especially since my play is closing tonight and that’s the end of those royalties! Figuring out what to write for the skits will help — they want some topical, political stuff and some more general, universal stuff. And I found a couple of other things I can pull together a pitch towards. I need to get back into “hustle headspace” again.

What was funny is that I wrote a scene about hiring in a massage therapist and acupuncturist to deal with injuries on my fictional production, and then felt slighted when I turned off the computer because I had no appointment!

I eagerly look forward to my acupuncture appointment next week, though. My hip is giving me trouble again, and I had lower back spasms. I finally gave in and took a couple of Excedrin — which took off the edge in less than 15 minutes. And some yoga helped, too. There was nothing on TV, so I did a more intense than usual evening practice, focusing on hip-opening exercises, and a long meditation, with Elsa purring on the mat beside me.

Elsa had a bad morning, and then I adjusted a few things, and she actually had a GREAT afternoon and evening, very much like her old self. She was comfortable and happy and funny as hell. What a relief.

I finished reading BREAKFAST WITH BUDDHA. What a lovely novel! Truly a joyful read, and it was the perfect choice for right now. If you’re looking for something that’s loving and funny and insightful, pick up this book.

I started another book, which looks promising. Once I’m in it far enough to know and still like it, I’ll mention it!

I got a couple of ideas for short stories that I want to play with. There are some deadlines coming up in July and August, and I’ve figured out my next column — now I just have to sit down and write it.

Made a baked catfish in spice rub for dinner — it wasn’t bad. The quality of the fish wasn’t what I hoped, but the rub, I think, would also be good on cod or halibut, so I will try that next time.

We were woken up at 4 AM by cats in heat yowling under the windows. Not only is that unpleasant in itself (the twins were horrified by the yowling, and Elsa just felt it wasn’t worth getting up), it means there will be feral kittens around eventually. I’m pretty sure Bossy Girl’s spayed, so it was probably Little One, who I haven’t been able to find and catch. Sigh.

Dozed off again until 5:30, gave Elsa her medicine, just kind of lay there staring at the ceiling until nearly 6, when I got up to feed them and do yoga. Heard from the vet, we’re doing a few adjustments, he likes what I’ve done on my own to figure out how to help Elsa. We’re also going to add licorice root into the mix.

To the page now for awhile. Busy day — the building finally hired an exterminator (it only took them three damn years) who starts rounds today — with all the renovations, we need it. Will keep the cats clear. Later, we’re headed waaaay out on Long Island (not as far as the Hamptons, thank goodness, that would make me nauseous) to see closing night of my play — I dread driving home late at night. I hate driving on Long Island at any time, but especially late at night, and especially since I’ve been getting up so early and going to bed so early lately. Coffee, coffee, and more coffee. I want to leave early so we don’t get caught in early beach traffic — so I have to do some research and figure out something for us to do for two or three hours in the close vicinity before the show. Maybe there’s a bookstore or cafe where we can hang out. I might bring my notebook and work on the short stories or the skits.



  1. Elsa appreciates what you are doing for her. She is very fortunate to have you as her caretaker.

    Catfish. This brought to mind a memory of my uncle which I need to post on my rural blog. He had caught a huge catfish that seriously took up an entire metal tub. I thought it was cute and started to pet it- I want to pet everything. He stopped me telling me it would bite. They are a little aggressive.

    Hoping your day goes well. It sounds like you might be a little worn out.


  2. Know what? I’m right there with you when it comes to tired. This damn thyroid has interrupted my sleep. Last night was a lot of turning and adjusting. Add hip pain and restless legs to the mix and no one’s sleeping.

    The catfish sounds wonderful. I made some portabello sliders with smoked Gouda and a savory corn pudding. And didn’t I get complaints? Someone in the house, who heard about it in spades, was bitching because in his mind, it wasn’t enough for him. I appointed him today’s chef, which ticked him off. But I have a rule – the first to bitch is the next meal’s cook. Frankly, there’s too much master-servant attitude for me to sit by and take that. You know me – that’s not washing. So tonight I’m not cooking. I bet no one else is, either. The man offered to take just me out to dinner and let the guilty one figure it out alone.

  3. Your love and devotion to Elsa is such a bright beacon. I am sure you loves you and appreciates all you’re doing to help her feel better. I hope your day and evening go well and that you enjoy yourself.

  4. Hope your back isn’t about to start giving you jip – that’s about all you need. Interested to know more about what liquorice can do as a healing remedy…

  5. Sounds like Elsa is still a worry. I do hope you fix things with her soon.

    Yoga helps my long-term back injury when it’s playing up too, but I think I need a new bed – or a new sofa. My hip is pushing out again at the moment and I think it’s posture.

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