Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Foggy, hot, muggy

Up early, out for my run. Creepy newspaper delivery guy changed his route and was following me again. Not happy. At least on this new loop of the route, there are plenty of people walking down to the train station. Although it makes it more difficult to run upstream through them, at least it’s not quite as isolated. And the attitude of some — I know my neighborhood’s streets aren’t wide as the boulevards of Paris, but there’s plenty of room for two people to pass in opposite directions, so get out of the middle of the sidewalk! I’m not running into the street to get crushed by the street sweeper. Oh, and by the way, I worked in wardrobe for a really long time — I know where you bought your suit and how much you paid for it by the way it drapes. I know who has a full-price Hugo Boss, who found an irregular at Marshall’s, and who’s shopping at Men’s Wearhouse. So cut the attitude!

Scumbag landlords are at it again: third consecutive week where they turn off the hot water at 9 AM and don’t turn it on until 5:30 on non-holiday weekdays because “everyone” works from 9-5, and if you don’t, they want you out.

Not happy with the work I did for Confidential Job #2, so will rework it today and send it off — today’s the due date. Got some good work done on POWER OF WORDS. Had some discussion with the group in Austin — they are excited to see the pieces. Four skits are percolating, and I hope to write them this week, polish them over the weekend, and get them out Sunday night in time for their meeting next week. Working on my Stanley Cup article. Prepping for Belmont. Have not been paying attention to the America’s Cup this year at all. Turned down 17 different invitations for stuff this weekend — seems everything is happening this weekend — and I’m booked between the horse racing and the ice hockey! And the Tony Awards are any minute, too, and I haven’t even been paying attention (once I knew none of my friends were individually nominated). Need to schedule a service appointment for my car — hopefully tomorrow — maybe I’ll work on the skits while I wait for it. Sorting out a few days’ worth of events for August — I think I’ll be able to do my usual volunteer work prepping for the gala in Saratoga, then head over to North Adams for an event at MassMoca, and down to Lenox for something else all within the course of 2-3 days, provided my mom’s free to take care of Elsa. Got out a few queries. Have to finish up some documentation for the Illinois Attorney General, who’s taking care of a nasty matter for me.

I don’t particularly feel focused or responsible or reliable, but I have to be, so, oh well. There’s a lot that has to get done, it has to get done within a very specific time frame, and I’m the one who has to do it. So I better get to it.

Still waiting to hear back from the vet. The cats decided they no longer like the food from Trader Joe’s, so I went up to Pet Smart yesterday to buy a variety of organic types to see which ones they like, and then I’ll stock up. My cats are feline gourmands — if you try to put down the same thing in the dish every day, they tip it over and wipe it all over the floor. The “experts” say changing a cat’s food upsets them, but mine DEMAND it.

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  1. Methinks you may have hit the nail on the head re the landlords. Over here, most rented properties and some mortgaged properties have something in the small print about not working from home. And if it’s a serviced building, where you pay a fixed rate for certain services, it may cost them too much to put the heating/hot water/basic electricity on all the time unless they charge extra for it. They also may not be insured for office hours when they expect most people to be out at work. However, if it’s not in the contract, then they can’t enforce it.

    I just let my mortgage company know that I operate a business from home, and so long as I’m not operating heavy machinery, or getting lots of traffic (pedestrian or otherwise), they’re usually cool about it. If they’re not, I choose another mortgage company.

    My cats make it known if they’ve had the same meal too many times this week too.

    • Under ETPA, they are required to keep the heat at 68 degrees F and provide hot water 24/7. It’s not just about working from home or insurance — there are elderly, retired, disabled, people with small children here, too. And they want us all out so they can flip the building.

  2. More than a little creeped out for you, Devon. Time for diversionary tactics, especially when you get nearer to home. Cut through this alley, cross a few parks, duck under fences, anything that shakes him. You have pepper spray with you, yes? You’re smart to be cautious. I’m the same. When I’m in the park, I take a different trail every day, and never in any predictable order. It’s a shame we have to be on such high alert, but there are enough creeps out there to demand it.

    • No parks, alleys, or fences here. But I can vary which streets I take.

  3. I’m nervous for you. Do you carry mace or pepper spray? My cats don’t do well with a change of food and don’t like canned cat food.
    I really hope your scummy landlords get what they deserve some day.

    Blessings and good thoughts sent your way.

  4. You should take a picture of him.

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