Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and mild

Yesterday was a good day on POWER OF WORDS. It’s coming along nicely, ideas and characters flowing well. Sometimes I forget that the production within it isn’t actually happening! 😉

Ran some errands, went to the bookstore and got THE BOOK OF THE DEAD, the Preston & Child sequel to DANCE OF DEATH. And sat down and read all 500+ pages of it. One of the really interesting aspects is where they get away with breaking traditional “rules” of storytelling. Their grammar, spelling, paragraph structure, research, etc. is very specific, and when they “stretch” geography in NYC (mixing real places with their fictional ones), they use enough correct geography that it works (hey, they’ve lived here, it makes a difference). And they’re aware of the traditions (if I use the prime example in this book, I’ll ruin it for those who don’t read it, but it has to do with the protagonist-antagonist relationship and final battle) — so, when they turn something upside down and inside out, it’s choice and it works, it’s not simply carelessness or a rejection of logic. It’s an informed choice.

It’s actually kind of quiet around here for once; most people are away for the weekend. I’m going to hang out with a friend today, and then do some serious work in the next two days.

Got a few pitches out; have a few more to get out this weekend, and some large packets to submit early next week. Am in negotiations for that job in Austin — it sounds like it might work, but we’ll see. There’s a bit more talking to do to work out the details and some contract stuff. But it’s one of those things that could be an occasional, fun gig over a long period of time. I’ve also got to get into Belmont prep head this week — the Belmont is next weekend.

Brandy, according to my research, bamboo isn’t poisonous to cats. And the way Iris eats it –like I said, she thinks she’s part panda. Anyway, it helps to spray it with apple bitter every couple of days — most grocery stores and pet stores have it, and so does Target. Most cats don’t like the taste, and leave stuff sprayed with it alone.

Hopefully, this will be a quiet and productive weekend.


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  1. Exciting about the job negotiations. Hope there’s a way for that to work out.

  2. Thank you for the information on bamboo. Unfortunately apple bitter doesn’t work for us. We have a few crazy cats who liken it to catnip, meaning they roll all over anything coated with it. I did mention they were crazy.
    I hope the job negotiations work out for you. Have a lovely Sunday!

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