Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and cooler

Up at 4:30 and out for my run a little after 5 (because I do yoga before the run). Instead of doing a double circuit, it was more of a bow-tie — I did a different loop for my second circuit. I expected it to be really busy this morning, people going in early so they could leave at noon, but I guess a lot of people took today off. Plenty of people were up and moving around in the houses, but few were on the street, which made the run easier. I like the second loop, but, on days when the commuters move down the hill towards the train station like lemmings, I don’t know if it will work. Also, changing the route helps me avoid the creepy paper delivery guy. I don’t know why I have a bad feeling about him — he’s never done anything but ask for directions and wave. But every time I adjust my running time, a day or two later, his is adjusted,too, and that seems more than coincidence. And I just — get a bad feeling. I like being out there on my own with my thoughts, but I also don’t want to be stupid. Yet another reason not to wear headphones and listen to music when I run — I need to stay alert.

Houseplants — yes, I have a lot of them. Actually, I have less right now than usual, because a bunch died off or Iris ate them. I try not to keep plants poisonous to cats around (although I do have two great philodendron), and I spray them with apple bitter to keep the cats from chomping. it doesn’t work on the bamboo — Iris eats it anyway. She must think she’s part panda. So I keep moving it. I only have one big one and one small one left. I have a small tangerine tree I grew from seed from a tangerine someone gave me one holiday. And, a small rose, African violets, bamboo, philodendron, kalachoe (they reproducer quickly), ivy, bamboo, fern, jade, mother’s tongue, a small silvery green plant whose name escapes me, Thanksgiving cacti, a small Spruce tree, morning glories. I don’t have enough sun to grow many herbs, although chives and mint do pretty well, but I don’t have them this year. Last year, our tomato plant lasted until Christmas, but we didn’t have enough sun for it to actually give us tomatoes. There’s one plant that I think is either begonia or geranium, but it hasn’t bloomed in awhile. The greenery is pretty, though.

Excellent day on POWER OF WORDS. The chapters dealing with rehearsals are going very well, and it’s a good way to get to meet the actors in rehearsal context and get to know them as they both work and hang out. I’ve rearranged chapters, added some new material from the original vision. I need to go back and fix a scene — I start in Evan’s POV and switch to Mia’s when she enters. I’m going to break it into two scenes,with specific POVS and a sight overlap. Zander finally earned his right to stay in the book yesterday — he needs to do more of that earlier. Today, I’ll go on to the confrontation I originally had in the first rehearsal chapter, but is now in the third.

I’m actually really excited to start on the chapters that deal with the shooting of the mini-series — almost as much as if we were actually shooting it! I want the piece they’re shooting to feel clear and immediate. I made a lot of notes on it, but I’d really rather not write the entire piece-within-the-piece!

Ran some errands in the morning, just missed the thunderstorms. It’s cooler today, thank goodness. I washed Elsa with the sage/rosemary concoction I made,and I think it helped. I hope when the sinus medication is finished next week, we stop. I think she’s tired of getting it 5X/day, and I think, at this point, it’s getting counterproductive. I realize we have to get all the infection OUT, hence the runny nose, but where she used to be better after each dose, I no longer feel that’s true. Well, something to discuss with the doctor next week. She’s definitely more and more “Elsa” again, if that makes any sense. Here, I thought she was just getting old, but in reality, she was sick.

I’d like to spout off on my opinions about the situation in the Gulf Coast, but Confidential Job #3 is in the pro-environmental sector and I’m bound by a confidentiality agreement to keep my mouth shut. Hopefully, though, the work I’m involved in will have a positive, long-term impact and fix what is broken on several levels. Several people have asked why I haven’t discussed it, and it’s not that I’m ignoring it. I’m doing what I can within the context of this particular job and bound by a confidentiality agreement.

Got a royalty check from the play. The producer is talking about re-mounting it after she moves to Florida, which would be great. I’ll get to see it in a couple of weeks. And I got some interesting job offers in my inbox that I need to sort through and consider this weekend. Of course, they’re for 2011, but still . . .

It’s a holiday weekend! Woo-hoo! Not that it makes much difference in my personal schedule, but it’s still fun.

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  1. The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker talks about listening to yourself and your intuition. If you feel creep out when you see someone that’s your mind assessing the situation. Without going into detail, he says that often we don’t listen to primal instinct we all have. Instincts that say this situation isn’t right.

    On another note, we had feline chewing and eating issues here too. Chloe’ my big ole Maine Coon cat had a drug addiction. I couldn’t leave any kind of plastic bag around her or she would chew. Her vet said, that plastic bags have chemicals in them (duh of course) and that she was getting a high when she would chew on them. Ahh Chloe’ you were such a handful.

    • Iris likes to suck plastic bags– that explains why. I try to keep them out of reach. She gets catnip — that should be enough!

      I always regret it when I don’t trust my instincts, so I make sure I do.

  2. I’ll be working hard this holiday weekend too – I have a major deadline on Monday and parents to visit on Sunday.

    Tinker used to eat the houseplants, but the only time I’ve seen Holly eat greenery is when she’s tried to make herself sick with grass. I’ve never seen Domino eat any plants, but I’ve never seen her eat any wildlife either and I know she does.

    Unless the postman is hot, I’d be worried too – and possibly even if he is hot. Sounds a bit freaky, unless he’s interested in an interested fashion. 🙂

    Have a good weekend.

  3. Sampson eats my bamboo too! There must be something appealing in it for kitties. I’ve had to hide it from him but he’s nearly killed it. I’m trying to keep it alive, but all the leaves are turning yellow and it’s not growing anything new. And I’ve had that thing for nearly 10 years! 😦

    I’ve started growing my own cat grass, which he loves, but he still wants to eat the bamboo. He also likes my herbs. I have to put them all outside or he’ll eat the parsley and the chives. Goofy cat.

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  4. Fingers crossed on the Florida possibility….

    About the creepy guy – trust your gut. We had a pizza dude last week who was COMPLETELY inappropriate. It was like this:

    Pizza Dude: You have a nice house.
    Me: Thank you.
    PD: Is this your house?
    Me: It’s my husband’s house.
    PD: Nice house. Wow. Hey, is that your daughter?
    Me: Excuse me? Uh, yes.
    I signed the receipt and thanked him. As I’m closing the door, he said: Wait! Can I have a glass of water?
    Me: What?
    PD: A glass of water. It’s hot out here.
    Me: Daughter, can you get him a glass of water? (No way I was stepping into the kitchen and letting him alone at the door)
    She brought it, he drank half, and left.

    Mind you, he had no idea my husband was sitting not ten feet away in the study within full view of the front door.

    Creeped us out.

  5. waw… it feels like…

  6. I used to not trust my instincts about people, but as I get older I worry less about who I would offend if I didn’t like someone. I have three houseplants. I’d love more, but with eight cats it’s impossible to find places to put them where they can’t get to them, and yes, they would get to them. I’ve always wanted a bamboo plant, are they poisonous to cats?
    Glad to hear Elsa is returning to her former self. I hope she continues to heal.

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