Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and hot

It’s supposed to top 90 degrees today, but for only one day, so I’m not putting in the air conditioner yet.

Yesterday was up and down. I wrote two chapters of POWER OF WORDS and realized I hadn’t even thought about the character about whom I’m on the fence! I guess that tells me. I still think he’s useful — I’m just not sure how to integrate him. He needs to start standing up for himself, dammit! 😉

Had to limit computer time and reading time because my eye is bothering me. I need to get my eyes checked and my prescription updated sooner rather than later. But it’s so expensive that I’m dragging my feet. However, seeing is vital to what I do.

Went to Costco and stocked up on a few things. We have the basic list of things we restock every few months, and then we try one or two things that might be good — if they are, we keep buying them; if they’re not, we don’t. Of course, they don’t have everything every time, so it’s a little hit and miss, but there you have it. I broke down all the receipts last year, figuring what we would have paid at full, and I think, in a year, we saved $1200 on items we would have bought anyway. So the membership fee is worth it.

Unloaded, put stuff away, headed to Target. Target is the only place around here that has the potting soil I like — well, Costco had it, but 55 quarts? No room for that in an apartment, even with a lot of plants! I got a reasonably sized bag, and will repot today (according to my calender, it’s a good planting day). Bought a few other things, including a Champion sports bra, on sale. Good stuff.

Salad for lunch. I whipped up a batch of the lime cilantro mayonnaise — in summer, that’s a staple for me. I got the recipe from GOURMET magazine last May — it was placed as a dipping sauce for roast potato wedges. I use it on all kinds of vegetables and fish. It’s really great. Anyway, for dinner, I used it on top of salmon burgers.

Elsa was having trouble last night, so I tried some aromatherapy — eucalyptus. Made a huge difference, and she slept through the night without incident. I never did aromatherapy for a cat before, so that was an adventure! Waiting to hear back from the vet.

Looked for Little One yesterday and couldn’t find her. At some point in the middle of the night, Bossy Girl was out there, screaming at someone, but when I went for my run at 5 AM, I couldn’t find anyone.. I’m hoping she’s got a home and her owner lets her out too often and too late (the way Bossy Girl’s owner does). Unfortunately, it cuts the cat’s life expectancy enormously. According to the vets I’ve spoken to (and I spoke to a wide cross section for an article a few years back), a feral cat lasts 6 months – 2 years; indoor/outdoor cats 4-5 years (this expectancy has gone down exponentially in just the last twenty years); indoor only cats 14+ years depending on breed, genetics, and home environment. That’s a huge difference.

I’ve got to deal with landlord unpleasantness today, and then repot plants, get to the regular grocery store, and get some writing done. In a different order, of course– the writing must come first.

I have to say, I’m looking forward to playing in the dirt today. And, knowing Elsa, she will try to “help.”

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  1. Have you checked Costco’s prices on glasses? I know their prescriptions are cheaper.

  2. My outdoor cat born of a feral is 10 years old. Feral cats live long and hard here (in the past) because I would catch them, spay or neuter and feed them. I can tell Kiki is getting older, but she’s still got her spirit. My oldest outdoor – non feral cats lived to be 18 years. Two of them – mother and daughter. They were very feeble- Chassey and Willie. Isn’t that amazing?

    • That is amazing. You must live in a rural area rather than a suburb on the main crossroads, across the street from both the train and the highway. Lucky you. Around here, indoor/outdoor cats don’t have much of a chance to even last the 4 years.

      • I do live in a rural area. Even then, I worry about coyotes (or loose dogs)chasing and killing her, but she’s pretty “street” savy by now. I saw a cat crossing the street on my way out of town, just now. I cringed. She crossed ok. Most of the time people here will try their best not to hit roaming cats and dogs.

  3. I used to have lots of houseplants but when I moved to a house without a garden, I used that as an excuse to stop keeping them. I have a money plant (jade tree) that’s in desperate need of re-potting, but I don’t know where to do it. Now the nice weather and good light is here, I can use a picnic table with a plastic potting station on top. But I wouldn’t know where to do it inside the house. I suppose I’d use lots of scrap newspaper on the kitchen worktop or something …

    Hmm, might get some plants on the way home now – and it’s your fault. 🙂

  4. Writing two chapters in one day, that is great work!

  5. The moving company won’t move my three live plants, so I am going to water them really well, and put them in the back of my car on the floor, and let them drive my car into the moving van! HA!!!! Three days and I’ll revive them in Charlotte.

    Have fun repotting! I need to split my aloe up. It had babies about five times.

  6. Sounds as though cats respond to aromatherapy, too. That’s good to know. We only have two houseplants. I’d love more, but am unsure what is poisonous to the cats and they WILL get into them. Oh, and Champion makes good sports bras.

    I hope you have a lovely day.

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