Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Home. The trip was uneventful, thank goodness. Hauled my luggage to the bus pick up behind the station. They actually let us on early. Settled in with the book and the iPod. It was the same driver I had going down on Friday, which was pretty funny.

Read DANCE OF DEATH on the bus. It was interesting and complex. I enjoyed it, with my only problem being the occasional chapter or scene from a character’s POV where we never see that person again. That’s a device that doesn’t work for me, although I see how, structurally, it was necessary in the story. The plot and structure are impeccable, and I learned a lot about the book by deconstructing it as I read it. Usually I’d go back and do that, just read to read, but this time, I did both together.

Grabbed a cab in NYC and my driver seemed to think we were trying to break the land/speed record. FIT (where they drop us off, at 7th and 28th) to Grand Central, in 6 1/2 minutes, in traffic, at top speed, and I’ve never changed lanes so often in my life. I felt like a character in an action comedy. It was pretty funny.

It also meant I was able to catch two trains earlier than I expected, the 4:12, and get home earlier. Elsa’s holding steady. Violet wouldn’t talk to me last night, but is very affectionate this morning, and Iris is happy to see me.

Unpacked, got the herbs out of bags into glass jars and properly labelled. Dinner.

I wound up being a feline negotiator last night. I heard a cat screaming. I was worried it was the lovely grey and white cat owned by people in the basement apartment. She’s a gorgeous cat, but they keep her outside often, and, frankly, it’s far too dangerous around here for any cat to be an outdoor cat anymore. I was worried she was hurt or something, so I grabbed a flashlight and went down to see what was going on (with Iris watching from the window).

I get into the back walkway behind the building, and there she is, sitting down, like she’s guarding something, right outside her apartment. I approached slowly, worried she was hurt, and not wanting to spook her. As soon as she heard me, she jumped up and ran right over to me, chattering, rubbing up, wanting to be petted. She was perfectly fine. Now, she’s right outside her home, I can hear her people having dinner, their windows are open, and they never checked on her when they heard cat screaming? If I could hear it on the third floor, they could hear it right outside the window. Can I just say how badly I want to punch them?

Anyway, I talk to her (I call her “Bossy Girl” because that’s what she is — a large, long-legged female cat who’s very bossy). I asked her what was going on and why she was yelling, etc., etc. She told me all about it, but damned if I could understand. I heard a “miaow” and looked up. In the first floor window was a little black kitten. I ask LBK if she was the one making all the noise, and if they’d been arguing. LBK had quite a bit to say, too. I told them to stop yelling at each other and play nice.

Bossy Girl stiffens and looks past us. I look up and see yellow eyes glowing, and then the form of another cat approaching, responding to my voice. Bossy Girl takes off — and she’s fast — chases the other cat through two parking lots into the one where my car is kept. I followed (I’m nowhere near as fast). Bossy Girl chased the other cat under a car, and was circling around it, swearing in feline. I peeked under the car — it’s a lovely, small grey cat, looks very much like my twins, but with a little V of white on her chest. She cowered under the car.

I scolded Bossy Girl for being mean and coaxed her back to just outside her apartment, then went back to see if I could coax Little One out. LIttle One responded to the sound of my voice, and I though I was going to get her, but Bossy Girl came charging back and scared her again. I got Bossy Girl back to her own area and told her to stop being mean. Little One was okay under that car — the woman doesn’t leave until late in the day. She’s certainly safer there than out in the open.

I’m going to look for her again in daylight. She’s too little to be out on her own for long. I don’t know if she belongs to someone — I didn’t see a collar, but I wasn’t that close. If she doesn’t, and I can get my hands on her, maybe we can find out if she’s microchipped. She’s not mangy or anything, so she either belongs to someone who’s being very stupid by letting her out and the police should be able to help me, or she’s been abandoned in the last day or so.

I got back up in time to watch the last episode of LAW & ORDER. I mean, I had to watch — pretty much everyone I know in the industry in New York has worked on it at some point or another. Dick Wolf has kept many a wolf from the door for all of us.

I have some business to take care of, and I have to figure out what writing project to work on. I’m restructuring a query and sending it out to a more targeted market. My mystery, “Personal Revolution” has been accepted by the anthology to which it was originally pointed, and that should come out in mid-September, so I’m pretty happy about it.

Violet is velcro kitty this morning. I think she missed me.

I better get back to the page.


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  1. You are such a good Cat Samaritan. Hopefully Little One will find her home again!

    Happy writing.

  2. I think she missed you, too. 🙂 Glad you’re home safely. And congrats on the anthology inclusion!

  3. Congrats on the anthology. So great that it found a home where it was originally intended!

  4. Hope you find the owner of the kitty soon. It sounds sweet and cute. My son tells me his dad rescued a cat from being abandoned just last night. I don’t understand people who do that to helpless animals.

  5. I hope you find that Little One has a home. Abandoning an animal is hard for me to understand. We have strays in our neighborhood that I know used to belong to someone and it makes me mad that people think it’s okay to leave them. To stop caring for them.

    I hope you have a good day.

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