Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and warm

Up early, out the door by 5:15 for my run. It’s getting lighter and lighter earlier and earlier, and it’s interesting to watch the moon’s progress. Also, it’s interesting to see how many more people are up early on a Wednesday than a Monday. I don’t know why I find it interesting, but I do.

There’s an interview with me in my Jenny Storm persona, for DIXIE DUST RUMORS here, on Katie Hines’s blog. I hope you hop over and drop a comment. Thanks to Katie for including me in her blog.

I got some work done on the urban fantasy yesterday. I’m almost done with the scene with which I’m having trouble. I’m re-thinking the end of the first scene in BEHIND THE MAN. Because of production constraints, I had Max and Sally Sweet retreat to his office offstage and that what gets Ida out of her good-girl persona and start some actual detecting on her own, instead of being the “sweet office girl”. In the adaptation, I think I’m going to have Max’s office on stage, and what Ida overhears them do in the office serve as additional impetus. I think I could get into some funny and farcical elements.

I have a really difficult section to tackle on POWER OF WORDS — because of the changes I did in part one of the book, it completely changes this section. I have to expand it and develop a lot of different themes and weave in character arcs without losing sight of the ones I feel are the center of the book.

I spent far too much time fighting with 1and1 yesterday. I feel like they’re holding my webmail files hostage — I haven’t been able to download them through a file manager, and I can’t move hosts until I have my old mail, contracts, etc. It’s fat too much for me to be able to print them out. And, I’m discovering that a good many of my work-related emails aren’t getting through, and I’m not receiving a lot. I need the professional address for work. I can’t have some other non-site-related address. As it is, I’m having to send and receive a good portion of email by pulling it through mail2web, because most of the time I can’t get into the webmail, and, if I can get into it, I can’t actually get any work done in it. Plus, with their fucking “upgrade”, not only are my address books useless, but now I can’t even read some of the email that comes in. It’s so frustrating. I’m paying them and losing work — some of which can never be replaced.

In better news, I got an email from the vet this morning. There’s no tumor in Elsa’s nasal passages, just inflammation. One of the lab tests still isn’t back, but the other indicates more of a fungal infection than cancer. That’s a relief. It’s not definitive yet, but it gives us another place to work from. He doesn’t think she needs a CT scan (thank goodness). I’m weaning her off the steriod and have her on the supplement and, in a week, we’ll see how she is and see what other course of treatment to start her on to fight the inflammation that won’t trigger the rest of the infection — the antibiotics and steriod helped with the inflammation, but triggered the infection. It’s good news, but there’s still a long road ahead for the little kitty. She was doing great yesterday and has backslid a bit today, so I hope she steadies.

I have some sort of irritation on my little finger of my left hand. I’d originally hurt it during the Prague trip and didn’t think much about it, but it’s been bothering me on and off since. I took a good look at it yesterday, and something’s wrong. Of course, I can’t go to a doctor, because I don’t have insurance, and a basic out-of-pocket 5 minute consultation starts at $285 around here — that’s just for a doctor to open the door, and only at places where they’d actually agree to see someone without insurance. I’m not going to the emergency room unless I think the damn thing’s ready to explode or fall off or something.

I’m going to acupuncture today, so I’ll have her treat it and then do some homeopathic/herbal treatments and see where we go from there. But it makes typing difficult.

I’m reading an autobiography of a Very Famous Actor. I’ve never worked with the guy, but we’ve worked at some of the same places and with a lot of the same people over the years. I thought it would be interesting, and give me a good idea of the atmosphere of the era on Broadway just before I came up in the ranks. Because, of course, we always think the years just before us were so much better. In addition to the book being appallingly badly written, this guy spent so much time drinking and screwing around that it’s amazing he ever found the stage door on any given night, much less managed to get his lines out. Drunks just aren’t that interesting to anyone but themselves or fellow drunks. A bit of a disappointment, and he comes across as not a particularly nice person or loyal friend at all. Maybe that’s part of the point — confessional? Or that presenting himself as a total ass would sell more books? In any case, it’s certainly made me glad I’ve never worked with him! There’s some good atmospheric detail in a couple of the anecdotes that may be useful should I ever set something backstage during that era, but, overall, far too much I-love-my-drink-and-constant-sex and not enough approach to character or sense of fun in the overall process. Maybe part of the point is that he wasn’t having fun? I don’t know. It’s fun to read his opinion on some of the people I’ve worked with over the years, though, and anecdotes I’ve heard from them backstage told from a different point of view. Interesting, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wasn’t doing specific research.

I need to get back to the page. I’ve got a truncated writing day today, because I’m heading off to acupuncture in the late morning, and, when I return, I’ll have to let it set.

Back to the page.



  1. Well. I’m actually feeling quite indignant on your part and on Elsa’s. What a bloody good job you took her elsewhere when the first vet you saw said it WAS a tumour. It’s absolutely fantastic news that it’s “only” an inflammation. Good stuff. Hope your finger is ok.

    I’m reading about a Sally Sweet too. 🙂

    • Yeah, she would have gone through a series of invasive procedures under anesthesia for no reason.

  2. Glad Elsa has better news! I’m with Diane – I’m incensed the first vet would write her off so quickly.

    I agree on the drunks not being interesting to anyone else but themselves part. I was reading what had started as a fantastic memoir but quickly turned into a combination of confessional, 12-step exercise, and personal note to everyone the author knew, alive and dead. I was disappointed. Her previous works were so strong and compelling. I felt let down. I understand people feel grateful to others, but putting that in the middle of a chapter is just weird to read. Save it for the acknowledgements.

  3. Hooray on the Elsa news!!! What a relief it isn’t that other thing I won’t even mention. Hopefully she’s on the road to recovery!

    {{Hugs}} on your hurt pinky. Hopefully it will be better soon.

    I always thought it funny how actors are NOTHING like the characters they portray. They are usually self absorbed, in-their-head, foul and whiny. And yet we idolize them so much. It’s laughable. I think you’d be hard pressed to find many truly “nice” actors. I’d be happy to be wrong. Let me know if I am.

    • The ones who stay out of the spotlight as much as possible (outside of work-related events) are usually sweethearts. Some of the really famous ones are known for being grounded and looking out for the whole company. A lot of the ones who try to pass themselves off as selfless are the biggest bastards, and some of the ones who sometimes seem like the biggest bastards often have no tolerance for media morons and are actually the nicest.

      The bulk of actors I’ve worked with over the years (and it’s well over 1000 of them at this point) are terrific. Only a small minority are the ones who are self-absorbed and whiny, but they tend to be the ones given the most coverage.

      • That makes a LOT of sense!

  4. What fabulous news about Elsa! I am so glad the other Vet was wrong, but can’t believe the audacity of saying she had a tumor without testing. Idiot. I’m sorry to hear your pinky is bothering you. I hope the acupuncturist can help.

  5. Hooray for Elsa’s good news. Here’s to hoping only more good news is coming her way!

  6. That is great news about Elsa.

  7. Hi Devon – good news about Elsa.

    Sorry about the finger – we’ve used Rescue Cream by Bach Flowers for years .. I use it now with Mum at the Nursing Centre .. it works wonders .. may be worth looking for .. it was one of the first homeopathic drops & creams around .. we used in the 70s and are still doing so ..

    Bye for now – I hope the 1 & 1 will get sorted soon .. all the best – Hilary

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