Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Waning Moon
Cloudy and warm

Got up at 5:30 and ran. Wednesday mornings are always the most crowded, for some reason. Did my double circuit, wish I was progressing more quickly, but I guess I just have to be patient.

Most of yesterday was caught up in receipts and dealing with tax prep. I kept all my receipts faithfully, but didn’t organize them once a week, like I usually do, so it’s a bit of a muddle. I’ve been better about it this year, that’s for sure. It’s complicated, because last year was a transition year between dual careers on Broadway and writing, and writing full-time, so it’s a little complicated. And this is the first year I’m doing the quarterly SE taxes, so it’s a great big mess. I spent about seven hours working on it yesterday. I’m helping my mom with her taxes today, and then I’ll probably spend most of the weekend working on mine again. Not only can I not afford paying someone to do it, the last time I had an “expert” do my taxes, it was all wrong and it took nearly 10 years to sort things out with the IRS.

I lit candles in memory and in hope for those miners in both China and West Virginia.

There’s something awfully satisfying about having my first 1000 words of the day done by 7:30 in the morning. The first writing session was on the urban fantasy, and I finished chapter one. I’m trying to decide whether to keep going, or switch projects to the novella, which needs some attention.

Opening night for FEMME FATALE went well, from what I hear. Totally sold out, and the audience didn’t figure out the murderer! That’s the way I like it. I look forward to seeing it after they settle into the roles a bit. (Yes, this is the company that doesn’t comp me).

Later this morning, I head off to Long Island for acupuncture. I need it!

If you haven’t made it over to A BIBLIO PARADISE for Gen Bailey’s release, go today and drop a comment, okay?

Back to the page. I also need to get some more pitches out this week. I didn’t get enough out while I was teaching.


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  1. Where on EARTH do you get your energy from? Are you Red Bull’s bestest pal? 😉

    • I’ve never drunk a Red Bull in my life. Or an Irn-Bru.

  2. Maybe the Wednesday runners get up and think “Wednesday already? I haven’t exercised all week!”

    Glad you’re enjoying the early-morning runs. I give you credit – you decide and you do. That’s the way we should all operate!

  3. Good morning! I’m glad to run across a kindred tax spirit. I’ll be starting mine this week as well, and then I have to do my dad’s. Need to finish editing a manuscript for a client first,though.

    Every so often I stop and think about the relief I’m going to feel when the taxes are done. Knowing that feeling is only a week away keeps me going. Good luck with yours!

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