Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010
Waning Moon
Cloudy and mild

I’m not a big fan of April Fool’s Day, because so often, practical jokes have an undercurrent of hostility and/or cruelty to them. So I just hunker down and try to stay out of trouble.

Yesterday was mostly about catching up. We’re in the home stretch of the workshop now. The scumbag landlords have fired their next shot, so I’ll be fighting with them a good deal over the coming weeks. Damn them.

Verizon apologized and is trying to make up for their unacceptable behavior before the Feds come in and kick their asses. They broke the law; they have to fix and face the consequences. Turns out they broke even more laws than the ones I thought. I’m not one of those consumers who is willing to roll over and accept it.

Elsa seems a little better today, perkier and less disoriented.

Didn’t get much writing done, unfortunately.

Really don’t feel like doing much of anything today, but that’s not an option. I decided I’m taking next Tuesday and Wednesday off. Granted, I’ll be doing stuff like taxes, but I’m going to work my deadlines around those two days and either get everything deadlined cleared off before or it has to wait until Thursday. I need a break. I can’t take the time at this minute because of the workshop, so I’ll take it after the workshop winds up next Monday.

The only thing I watched last night was HUMAN TARGET and I was disappointed. I feel guilty saying that, because I know it’s a show on the bubble, and I’d like to see it renewed, but I was frustrated. For awhile, it made steady improvement; now it seems to backslide. Again, the villain was vague and undeveloped, not a dimensional, truly threatening character. The rest of the elements were there for a cracking good story, but somehow, it didn’t come together. To me, it felt the direction was off again, and that the actors were fighting to overcome what the director ordered them to do. One of Haley’s scenes was so rhythmically off that I couldn’t believe that was the actor’s choice — I’ve seen enough of his work to know he doesn’t make those mistakes. That had to be the director’s demand. They’ve also given him a different wig for the role — so it looks like Guerrero went in for a trim — but it has less texture, a flatter color. It doesn’t read as well on camera. Over the past couple of episodes. although he’s had more screen time, it feels like they’re trying to make him a less dynamic and dimensional character, and it doesn’t really work. One of the things that makes the show work is the natural rhythm between the three lead actors, and when it’s been tinkered with in the way it’s been the last two episodes, it’s frustrating. You can take the exact same material and, had it been kept in the dynamic set up in earlier episodes, it would have taken the show to its next level in a positive way. I know the ratings fell sharply last week, so I’m curious to get the numbers this afternoon and see what happened this week.

Speaking of numbers, I was a Nielsen Family last week, for radio. I kept a radio listening diary, and I mail it back today. It was fun — except that Nielsen called and/or sent me a nagging reminder EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. I told them in the diary that I found it offensive. I’m a responsible adult. If you ask me once, I do it. Every time you nag, it goes to the bottom of the list. And yes, follow-ups are “nagging”, in my book. I’m a grown up. I’m either going to do it when I agree to do it, or I’m not and you’re going to know about it. Don’t insult me with a “follow up.” Follow-ups are fine if you’ve never heard back and don’t know whether or not I’ve done it. But once we have an agreement, back off. Every time you waste my time nagging is less time I put into your project. All that does is make it less likely it will ever get done. The more someone becomes the squeaky wheel, the more I dig in and refuse. I completed the diary, but I said, if they ever wanted me to do something like this again, they had to cut the nagging or I wouldn’t do it.

Yeah, I need a break. Next Tuesday just can’t come fast enough!



  1. Spoken like a woman ready to throttle something. :)Praying for Tuesday’s speedy arrival!

    I’m the same way. If a vendor calls every day, forget it. You’ve lost me as a customer and you’re now harassing me. There’s this local energy company that’s called twice a day since Monday. He got on the phone with them yesterday and said, “I already TOLD you NOT to call for an appointment until it’s COLD outside (energy audit). If you can’t understand that, stop calling altogether!”

    They don’t get it.

  2. Hi Devon – sounds like taxes are the best deal for next week – today is April Fool though .. just hope you get it all done: sounds as though you will ..

    I hope you can get some break time & glad Elsa is better .. all the best – Hilary

  3. I agree, I’ve regretted pulling pranks twice in the past. They never went wrong, just got a more intense reaction than I expected and resulted in tears from my mother and then her not speaking to me for over a week.

    Sons are shits. But we love our mums 🙂

    Roll on Tuesday!

  4. I am not a fan of the April Fool’s jokes. Glad to hear Elsa is doing better. I hope she continues to feel better.

  5. We all need holidays, even the workaholics among us. We need time to recharge every so often, so we can do even more with out time.

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