Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Waxing Moon
Sunny and mild

The good news is that most of the exercises sent back to students for revision came back and were awesome. They not only took the notes but went even farther and raised the scenes another level. I”m proud of them.

The bad news is that students are still pouring in, in spite of a supposedly “full” and locked class, some are late with assignments, not paying any attention to the requirements and whining that they “don’t have time”. Now, I’m pulling 18 hour days to keep up with three times more students than expected PLUS deadlines PLUS being the only breadwinner in the family/one who runs the house PLUS caring for an elderly relative PLUS dealing with scumbag landlords PLUS dealing with the relative going through chemo. I am not sympathetic to their lack of time management skills, not to mention the huge level of disrespect that type of a whine shows towards both me and the wonderful students who are busting their asses with commitment and dedication.

We seem to be settling in a bit, so I hope the ones who don’t care enough and want to wander in and out at will and pick and choose which bits of the class to participate in will leave.

I only watched one hour of TV last night because my eyes hurt so badly from the workshop. It was my guilty pleasure, HUMAN TARGET, which, unfortunately, didn’t give me what I needed last night. The backdrop was against elite fighting, which is not something I enjoy or am interested in. I found it too geared to the show’s male audience, and placing a female sports handicapper in there just wasn’t enough to include me. It’s the first time since the show debuted that I really felt excluded from the piece. Even though there’s no regular female series character, I never felt unwelcome as an audience member before, and I did with this episode. The psychology B story line was well done, the fight scenes were shot well, but some of the other camera angles bothered me, and overall, it wasn’t what I needed as a distraction, which is on me rather than on them. Jackie Earle Haley played well off one of the guest stars, some lovely light touches in most of his scenes, but I wasn’t satisfied by how that whole aspect was set up. And I kept getting ahead of the script.

I couldn’t even read because my eyes were so tired. I put on the iPod and listened to music, which helped. My eyes still hurt today — I guess I’ll be using the rest of the Magic Eye Drops I got in Prague.

Good morning’s work on POWER OF WORDS. I’ve smoothed out some rough patches, made the adjustments that the earlier changes required. Can’t put it in the computer because my eyes hurt too much. So I’m continuing in longhand. I’ll have to back up using Time Machine today — it’s been too long since I did that — and maybe start printing out what I’ve got so far.

I have deadlined work that should receive attention, but the workshop is just weighing too heavily on me. I’ve learned some safeguards to put into the teaching contracts moving forward. The other side has not reneged on anything — I simply did not ask for the right things. I know better now, but I still have to keep this commitment as it was made, although for me, the consequences are negative. Live and learn, right?


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  1. You’ve probably already tried this, but since I’ve had all these tension headaches, the computer KILLS my eyes–so I turn down the “brightness” switch until it’s tolerable. It has helped immensely. But like I said, I’m sure you’ve already tried that. 🙂

    Hope your eyes are better today!

    ps–forgive me if this seems like an impudent question, but can’t you just say NO to extra people?

    • that’s what I’m working out with the person who hired me — we’re trying to find out who’s actually supposed to be there and who’s not.

  2. I think I’d say no regardless, Lara.

    Poor you, Devon. I feel for you – what a nightmare. At least you’re already thinking positive, i.e. what to ensure for next time. If the class is locked, how are they getting in? And if they miss the deadline, don’t they miss the exercise? As for the whingeing, you have to just ignore that and block it out. It’s their ignorance there, they probably do believe they’re the only ones on the planet with so little time (so why did they enrol anyway?).

    Can you put cold teabags or cucumber slices on your eyes?

  3. Wow, there’s absolutely nothing going on in your life, is there?! Good luck with everything!

  4. Live and learn indeed. It’s how we get better at our jobs. 🙂 Glad the students took suggestions seriously. Nothing’s worse than spending quality time on someone who doesn’t give a damn.

  5. I’m guessing word of mouth on how good a teacher you are has spread. Which is actually great, but very tiring and taxing for you. I hope your eyes feel much better soon.

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