Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010
Waxing Moon
Sunny and beautiful

I spent most of the morning putting together pitches for two script writing jobs. Even with all my clips at hand, it still takes longer than I’d like to fashion a strong pitch individual to each opening. We’ll see. I have my doubts they’d hire a woman for either of them, but it was worth a shot. One would be steady and fun, and even at my regular rate. The other’s a little more ambiguous, and would be a one-off. We’ll see. At least I tried.

Went to my local library to pick up state tax forms, since they no longer mail them — and, of course, they only have the basic forms, not the schedules I need. Hopefully, can get them online. And they didn’t have any of the research books I need for the short story. I can’t wait to get back to Greenwich next week.

Wasted too much time on stupid stuff in the afternoon, but got another good section of POWER OF WORDS into the computer, fleshing it out, filling out my tracking sheets, solving logistical problems, adding scenes were necessary.

Prepped for the talk at my old middle school today.

Finished Louise Erdich’s SHADOW TAG. While it was fascinating, in many ways, I had some trouble with it structurally. She doesn’t use quotation marks to set off dialogue. Granted, she’s published 13 books that sell well and earned that right. But it kept pushing me out of the narrative constantly instead of making me experience what the characters experienced. I was constantly shoved out and reminded that I was a voyeur instead of a character, and disconnected from the experience. So, overall, it didn’t work for me. The only other two books of hers I’ve read are LOVE MEDICINE and THE BEET QUEEN. I don’t remember if she made that stylistic choice in those. i do know that, if I pick up another book of hers and the stylistic choices are the same, it goes back on the shelf. I respect what she’s achieved enormously, but, as a reader, I need to feel that I am within the narrative, not outside it until I’m interrupted or put the book down. With this book, I was excluded from the characters’ experiences.

The only show I watched last night was HUMAN TARGET. They put so much backstory into this episode that they’re taking the fact they’re on the bubble pretty seriously and giving the audience answers for some of the questions posed in earlier episodes. They should have just about finished filming the initial series order by now, and, in the next few weeks, should know whether or not they’re coming back. They brought back my two favorite female guest stars from earlier episodes. I liked the structure and the pace of this episode. There was a revelation of a piece of information in Guerrero’s backstory that I initially felt I didn’t believe/didn’t work for me. However, the creative team has kept its contract with the audience thus far, intriguing, challenging, but not screwing us, so I’ll trust them for now on it and see where it goes. I also felt Jackie Earle Haley was being reined in during a few scenes and he was having to overcome the direction, instead of the direction supporting his work, especially towards the end. I’d like to see the show renewed, and see where they take it in the next season. They fulfill the requirements of the genre formula, but also move beyond it in certain aspects, and I think, if given the chance, the show could blossom. It’s come a long way, just in the episodes aired so far. I started watching the show because of Haley, but I keep watching it because I’m interested to see how it grows, and I’m learning a lot about structure, and what does and doesn’t work for me as far as weaving multiple strands in and out over time.

Wrote a few more pages on the short story last night after HT. Much better use of my time than just having the TV on because it’s there.

In the middle of the night, Elsa hooked her claw into my eyelid. Not the eye Iris injured a few months back, the other one. It didn’t get all the way through the lid to the eyeball, but the lid is pretty torn up. It was an accident, I iced it and put antiseptic on it, but . . .ow. And no eye makeup for me for awhile. Not that I wear it that often anyway, but I am in public today, so . . .

I’m running late. Off to the school. I don’t know why I agree to do these things. I’m always tied up in knots beforehand. The kids really get excited, though, because I talk to them like they’re people, not “kids” and I don’t censor myself at all. In other words, I’m really surprised the teachers want me back!


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  1. Enjoy the kids today! I love doing those, too. They’re attentive and full of questions.

    Sounds like you need to wear a sleeping mask at night. The girls don’t know their own strength!

  2. OUCH. I mean…OUCH!!!!!

    Have fun with the kids…er…I mean, little people!


  3. Oh my goodness! OWWWWWWWW! That sounds awful. Hope it heals fast.

    Have fun at school. 🙂

  4. Have fun at the school and I hope that your eyelid will heal quickly and without problem.

    And oh the wonderful world of taxes, good luck witb that as well. I swear they make it so complicated that no one can do it right.


  5. I hope you heal quickly! Best wishes for the talk today!

  6. That sounds hobbirily sore! Argh! Hope the school was fun – sounds like it will be.

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