Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010
Waxing Moon
Could that be Sun? And mild

The other communities were hit much harder by the storm than we were; we were really lucky. Schools were closed yesterday, and the sites where I often work in CT won’t have power until the end of the week.

My work on the play sucked yesterday — practically unsalvageable. I’m going to throw it out and try again. Did a lot of business-y type stuff, follow-ups, preparations, admin work to keep on top of things. I have to do both the 2009 taxes and the estimated quarterly 2010 due by April 15 and I am so not amused. Got back a short story (the market was a longshot), stuck it in another envelope, did another cover letter,and it’s out the door again this morning. Got a check from a client — Confidential Job #1. Love this client – pays promptly. I only sent the invoice last week.

Did a lot of logistical work on POWER OF WORDS and started typing the 120 or so pages I have in longhand onto the computer. I set up the tracking sheets — there are a lot of character arcs and getting people from one place to another. Since it takes place on a film set, I have to keep track of the characters that the characters play — two layers of characterization for quite a few individuals in the piece. And the logistics of moving a film company from point to point and all the stuff going on in their personal character arcs as they try to get the film done.

When I look at my desk, I have a lot of elephants that need eating.

I’d love to pack up and work at the Greenwich Library, but I don’t know if they have power. I also have to prepare for the talk I’m giving to yet another round of Middle-Schoolers on Thursday morning — and distribute the cards for DIXIE DUST. I need to work on the newsletter — I found a way to import the address book from the webhost into the Gmail account, so no more hand-entering every name and address for the newsletter. That will save me five or six hours every month.

I started a “what if” series of notes – funneling some of my political rage against the morons who parrot the pundits instead of doing their own research and what I’d like to see happen to them — into a fictional piece. It seems a more productive use of the energy.

Also started reading the 1336 pages of legislation for the proposed financial reform. I haven’t gotten very far into it, but I am not happy with what I’m reading. I don’t think it will actually solve anything. Of course, to me, nothing short of gutting the industry –both the insurance industry and the financial industry — and convicting the individual executives who destroyed so many thousands of lives while earning millions in personal profit, on the grounds of treason and/or crimes against the American people will suffice.

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  1. BREATHE. One bite at a time, right? Gotta love those elephants!

    Hope everything is back to normal quickly!

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts today. I hope everything goes as desired.

  3. Tell me something – can you hear the IRS laughing, too? I think it’s bordering on abuse to have to pay both 2009 AND quarterly taxes on the same day. Ridiculous. Every year I have to cough up close to $10K (which I don’t have, thankyouverymuch) to please the IRS, state, and local authorities. I don’t mind paying what I owe, but please, can we have a less painful lump sum?

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