Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010
Dark Moon
Rainy and mild

So far, the brook’s holding. It’s got about another two feet before it goes over the banks. I’m keeping my car up on the hill and hoping they won’t give me a ticket. Under the previous mayor, during flood times, no one was ticketed for trying to save their cars, but this new mayor only cares about dollars, not citizens, so we’ll see. The flood watch was supposed to expire this morning, but now it’s been expanded to Tuesday morning.

Yesterday was a lost day, writing wise. The power flickered, so I didn’t want to use the computer. I couldn’t concentrate, and didn’t write in longhand. The cats were upset and stuck to me like Velcro. The wind howled like professional mourners keening at a funeral. Imagine that for hours and hours and hours. It rained hard, it rained horizontally.

I read Deanna Raybourn’s THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST. It was very different than I expected, but in a good way. I enjoyed it. I finished the biography of artist NC Wyeth, which was interesting. It didn’t change me into a Wyeth fan from a Hopper fan (not that those are mutually exclusive). Hopper’s work just speaks to me more strongly. But it gave me a deeper understanding of his life and motivations and content.

I’ll be going up and down to check the brook throughout the day; hopefully, it will only drizzle, and we can avoid a flood. I have to find some focus and get back to the page — I’ve got deadlines looming and I just don’t feel like working on anything I should work on. So I better get over it, if I expect to be able to pay bills this month.

Back to the page. Today’s a day I rely solely on craft.


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  1. I enjoy you so much.

  2. Sounds like nasty weather. Hoping for the best when it comes to floods. Good luck with the focusing. I’ve had issues with that too this week. Spring fever?

  3. Is there nothing that can be done in the way of flood prevention? Every time you guys get rain it gets mentioned – it must be such a worry. It certainly is for us readers millions of miles away who can only read about it and hope you’re ok.


    • You’ve got to realize that the Powers That Be who control this don’t care, especially the new Republican Mayor and City Council. Lives aren’t as important to them as numbers on a sheet of paper. They stopped fighting the condominium project our previous mayor & City Council were fighting because that particular location guarantees the flooding will worsen. But this Mayor/City Council just turns its back on this entire neighborhood.

      AND they keep allowing our scumbag landlords to rent the basement apartments — apartments which get flooded all the way to the ceiling.

      It’s all about dollars, and to hell with the impact on humans, pets, wildlife, etc.

      That’s how our new Mayor and City Council roll.

  4. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Our rain came in sheets – sideways. It came from a different direction, which revealed some serious leaks in the eastern side of the house. We had water dripping from over a foot along the basement ceiling. That means the hardwood floors upstairs are getting damaged from underneath. Horrible builder.

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