Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde

Ran errands, went grocery shopping, caught up on email, etc., caught up on conference work, etc.

Managed to start one of the plays, MRS. TILLER’S (DEADLY) STORYTIME, when BLOOD SOUP didn’t cooperate, and jotted notes down for another play. One way or another, I will have two comic mysteries to my producer by the middle of the month!

Had a migraine, which slowed me down. It’s a little better today, but there’s still the residual soreness. Good yoga session last night, which helped.

Today’s focus is conference work, Confidential Job #1, and the play I don’t have anything particularly exciting to report. I’m just digging in to get the work done. With any luck, I can get a proposal or two out today, or a few queries, as well. Had a good writing session this morning on a short story — it’s coming along slowly, but it’s coming along. This draft is really the bare bones skeleton — I’ll have to flesh out quite a bit in the next one. But I wanted to get down the plot and character and action sequences, and then I’ll fill in texture and detail in the next draft. I’d like to keep the story in the 20 page range (approx. 5K). That’ll serve the markets on which I have my eye.

Back to the page. Sorry there’s nothing more exciting to report. We’re supposed to get another 3 inches of snow today. Right now it’s rain, so I have to hop up and down, checking the brook every few hours. Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of the first of two floods in 6 weeks that crippled this area, in which I lost my old car. And, since our new (Republican) mayor has put the almighty dollar ahead of the lives of the town’s citizens, allowing a developer to build condos in a spot guaranteed to worsen the flooding in this area, I’m even more cautious.

Back to the page.


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  1. I was down with a near-migraine last night! It was awful. Even with Excedrin Migraine, four hours of sheer torture.

    Glad you are better today! here’s to a headache-free productive day!

  2. Hoping the floods (and the snow) bypass you.

    Feel better. And thanks for the book recommendation. I bought it this morning. 🙂

  3. Don’t flood! Feel better!

  4. Hi Devon – sincerely hope it doesn’t – though doesn’t portend well for the future .. property developers & actually people don’t think do they? Just do – to hell with the consquences .. have a good week – I’m sure they both will all come together ..

  5. Hope the migraine fades away – could be related to the back problem?

    We keep getting smatterings of snow, but it’s being accompanied by glorious sunshine and clear blue skies. Very cold but good for cheering us up.

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