Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde

By the time you read this, if transportation is running properly, I’ll be on my way to the gig in Philadelphia. I’m promised a good internet connection, although I’m bouncing between two separate locations, so you’ll hear from me over the next few days.

There was all sorts of chaos due to the impending storm — the plans in Philly changed, but we’re getting hit harder supposedly, and later, so if I tried to leave later it would be impossible. I wanted to leave late last night so I’d BE THERE already, but the final decision (not up to me, unfortunately), was that I should try to make a run for it today in the nor’easter.

Yes, you really can sense my eyes rolling.

Worked steadily, got done what was necessary, but felt rather like a draft horse. We all have those days. It wasn’t a bad day, it wasn’t a great day, it was simply a work day.

The only writing-related magazine I find useful at this point is POETS AND WRITERS. I find the other mags are almost entirely newbie-oriented, which is great when you’re starting out, but once you’ve subscribed for two years or so, it’s recycled content. POETS AND WRITERS always feels fresh to me, and it has great information over a lot of areas. It’s less oriented to how to break in and present yourself as a business person than it is about writing the best books you can write, and the articles are more than page or two-page sound bytes. They are actual ARTICLES, not advertorials.

The March/April issues is especially gratifying for Phyllis Theroux’s contribution to “The Literary Life” section. It’s a wonderful essay for anyone who is a writer and also has a life to live. It makes me eager to buy her memoir, THE JOURNAL KEEPER, which is supposed to come out any minute. Maybe I’ll pick it up in Philly! 😉

There was also a wonderful article by writer and BU professor Wiliam Giraldi on John Donne. It made me realize that, despite my supposedly good education, I’ve read ABOUT John Donne, but never actually READ John Donne. i intend to remedy that the next time I hit a bookstore, and certainly next time I visit Niantic’s enormous Book Barn (which should be around my birthday, in about two weeks).

Confidential Job #1 sent my next assignment, so I’ve tucked it into my bag and will start it either on the bus or while I’m down there.

Will check in once I’m settled in Philly — provided I get there! 😉



  1. Hi Devon .. let’s hope you make it. Interesting to read your comment on the magazine Poets and Writers .. good to know. Also Phyllis Theroux and the John Donne point – we all have so much to learn and take so much for granted. I’m particularly aware of my inadequacies in these areas ..

  2. Safe travels.

  3. I can’t read on a bus, let alone write on one. Motion sickness kicks in. Have a good trip, though, and good luck with everything.

  4. I hope your trip and your writing goes smoothly.

  5. Good luck and safe journey, hon. It’s coming down here pretty decently already. The forecasters (on one channel) won’t even guess at the amounts, but reports are coming in around the words “foot” and “feet.” And they’re not talking shoes.

  6. I used to subscribe to Writing Magazine here in the UK because of its quality content. The trouble is you tended to get the same things over and over and the only thing worth buying it for in the end was for the competitions and the odd author interview. So I gave up. Still to find anything that matched it, too.

  7. Thanks for the comment about “Poets and Writers,” I should check it out. I’m currently subscribed to “Writer’s Digest” and have mixed feelings about the publication.

    I hope your journey was a safe one and that you’re settled in comfortably now. Icky weather can make for such stressful travels!

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