Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Cloudy and snowstorm approaching

I wish it would hurry up and get here already, because the pre-storm headache is killing me. Nothing works on these headaches — nothing over the counter or prescription. I just have to ride them out. As soon as the storm starts, I’ll feel great, but the time during which it approaches is excruciating.

The headache started yesterday afternoon and laid me low for the bulk of the day. I managed to get the grocery shopping done in the morning and some writing. I was useless for most of the afternoon, although I could read a bit here and there. And I made a broccoli-mushroom casserole for dinner, which was good.

Finished Deanna Raybourn’s SILENT ON THE MOOR last night, which I enjoyed. The first book in the series is still my favorite, thus far, although I’ve enjoyed all three. I really love the Yorkshire Moors, so I was a little disappointed when the protag didn’t have the same enthusiasm for them that I do. That has nothing to do with the quality of the writing, though, just one of my own little quirky responses.

Very good first writing session this morning on REDEMPTION KILL. An obstacle’s come up for my protags that surprised me, and I’m still trying to get them off that cliff, but it’s a worthwhile obstacle, so we’ll go with it. I’ll go back to it and hopefully finish the chapter later this morning, then switch back to POWER OF WORDS for a bit, tweaking an earlier scene so it aligns with something going on now.

I’m hoping to work on the steampunk this weekend. It’s starting to churn again, which is good, because I want to get that first draft done and give it time to ripen before I do revisions and get it out. I’ve got a deadline for it, although not a harsh one, and I need to put my focus back on that.

And I have to tackle Confidential Job #1.

But first, oh hurry up and start snowing so this darned headache lets up!

Have a great, warm, cozy weekend.


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  1. I hope the storm comes very quickly. I’ll do a storm dance for you. 😀

  2. Oh shoot – you get barometric migraines? That’s gawd awful. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. Have an acquaintance who suffers every time the temperature fluctuates 20 degrees or more in one day. She rides it out, too. 😦

  3. You poor thing! I didn’t know you had weather headaches! Hope it gets snowing soon! xoxo

  4. Okay, it’s getting close to lunch time and that broccoli mushroom casserole sounds amazing. It might be a good idea to make a recipe post out of it 😉

    I’ve often found that being dehydrated leads to a headache, and drinking small amounts of water often helps. Maybe it’ll work for you too?

    • Joanne, the recipe is from the original MOOSEWOOD COOKBOOK, and it’s fabulous. If you don’t have the cookbook, you can probably get it from the library or the bookstore.

      Hydration isn’t the issue here — it’s completely weather-related, but thanks for the tip.

  5. Praying it passes – the headaches and the storm.

  6. I am hoping your headache lets up soon. Stay safe and warm with the snow!

  7. We’re still waiting for the snow to come down and it’s already after 7pm. I hope your headache disappears soon.

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