Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Groundhog Day

The big news is that I came home from the site job to find the building crawling with cops. Rumor has it some poor guy in the next section of the building blew his brains out. Two deaths in the same section of the building in six months? Where there are only 16 apartments in the section? Something isn’t right.

Add to that, the local police commissioner hit an 8th grader with his car yesterday — and they took the commissioner to the hospital. I’m just shaking my head.

The groundhog in PA saw his shadow and says 6 more weeks of winter; the one on Staten Island did not (because it’s going to snow), and says we’re headed into spring. I think Phil in PA is right — the cats haven’t started shedding their winter coats yet.

The site job was more complicated than I expected, but, in spite of everything, the writing went gloriously well. What a relief to get those dark characters out of my head and onto the page. They’re surprising me in the best possible way, and are delightfully more complex and dimensional that I expected.

And then, I was dumb enough to check my email. I was rejected for one of the residencies for which I applied this year because I’m a “genre writer” instead of a “serious writer.” Um, excuse me? I take my writing seriously AND I earn a living at it, which is more than the bulk of their attendees do. Oh, but I’m still considered “family” and they’d love financial support.

They don’t think my work deserves a residency because earning a living at my craft must mean I’m a hack, but because I’m one of the few in this business who CAN earn a living at it, they want me to GIVE THEM MONEY so that those who can’t/can’t be bothered to make a living writing can stay there? The sheer arrogance/delusion made me laugh in spite of myself.

And people wonder why I prefer animals to humans most of the time.

My ego took a hit, but I’ll get over it.

In fact, because the writing was going so wonderfully well, I got over it a lot faster than I expected. My characters were too insistent and fascinating to allow me to wallow. 3500 words on that piece, 1500 on the other WIP.

Plus, I booked a gig I really wanted but thought I’d have to pass for at least 10 days of the month that had been put aside for the residency. Door closes, better one opens.

Eight minutes into CHUCK last night, I had to turn it off. They’re working too hard, and the focus is on the silly and the slapstick instead of the interspersion of the silly with the sweet and charming and with the action. I really like most of the cast, but for me, this season, it’s gone off the rails.

I had a very good first writing session this morning on the WIP. I’m going to move back over, now, to the piece with the dark and disturbed characters so they don’t get impatient and ruin my day.

I’m headed to acupuncture today, and then Imbolc ritual tonight instead of meditation group. May the guy who recently took his life (if, in fact, that’s what he did and didn’t get pushed along by someone) rest in peace. The last thing we need is a ghost wandering around the place, freaking everybody out.


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  1. That is freaky. We moved because the guy next door to us in Houston blew his brains out, too. And he wasn’t found until a week later…yuck. We had small kids. We were too freaked out.

    Sorry about the rejection. But hey, better opportunities are good!

  2. I’m not sure if our groundhog saw his shadow, but I’d prefer 6 more weeks of winter. I like the quiet months after the holidays, before the busy-ness of Spring gets here. For me, they’re the best writing time.

    Sorry about your residency rejection. You’d think they’d appreciate someone who understands writing/words enough to make a living with it and have it so incorporated into their daily life :/

  3. They’ve missed out on a great opportunity by turning you down, Devon. I wonder about the level of person doing the selecting, I really do. On the one hand they think you’re not “serious” because you’ve chosen a genre. On the other hand, they want money because you’re a business? As my kids type, WTF? Shake it off, hon. They don’t deserve you.

    Punxy Phil – ah, there’s a subject! My kid ambled over to Punxsutawny a few years ago for the celebration. She said she showed up around 4 and it was apparent that the crowd had been there – and had been lit – since the day before. But she said it was a great time nonetheless.

  4. Sorry about the rejection, but I bet there are other opportunities out there for you.

    That is scary about deaths.

  5. How awful for the poor chap who killed himself and the poor devil who found him. Not nice at all.

    How can they say you’re not a serious writer? Beggars belief. Glad the writing is flowing well though.

  6. Hi Devon .. what a lot going on .. not sure I’d like that scenario either .. but something to write about later? Taking the positive out of a sad negative. I’m sure his soul is happier now – he’ll be at peace at least.

    As they say the creation isn’t the difficult bit – it’s the marketing et al that’s the tricky part – again the positive sounds like it popped out from that harsh ‘No’.

    Interesting that you’re going to the Imbolc ritual tonight .. I hope you’ll tell us a bit about it ..
    Bye for now – Hilary

  7. Sorry about the rejection, but that’s just craziness. Genre doesn’t equal serious? What’s up with that?
    Happy Imbolc! 🙂

  8. Someone should remind the folks who rejected your residency how many books by “genre writers” are now part of English Lit classes. Incredible.

    Best regards,

  9. So sorry about the rejection! But, hey, look at you go on the writing. 🙂

  10. Poor Man. You’re right, something doesn’t sound right about that building. I am sorry you were turned down for the residency. But, it sounds as though that was better for you.
    I hope you had a good day and best wishes for your writing.

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