Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Here I am, having fun in Philly. Trip down was fine — I even got a seat on the train in to NYC — which, during rush hour is stunning. Wandered from Grand Central to Penn, rode on the top deck of the bus, pulled out my book, and, before I knew it, we were in Philly.

Okay, so it was a really, REALLY good book, Sharon Shinn’s FORTUNE AND FATE, one of her Thirteen Houses novels (which I love). In fact, it was so good, I did little else once I arrived in Philly but curl up and finish the book!

There were these three guys on the bus, a few rows behind me. They were in their late 20s, early 30s, and were going to Philly for the day to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, etc., because they’d never seen it and were curious. They’d gotten together the previous night to re-watch NATIONAL TREASURE, and now wanted to see some of the places that were talked about in the film! It was pretty funny.

I got settled in, got the work I needed to get done for the day completed, and got some groceries in. I’m shocked at how much higher the grocery prices are here than they are in NY. It’s almost cheaper for me to eat out all the time.

It’s been over a year since I was down here. They rearranged the furniture, and there’s a big, chest-high tall cabinet in what used to be open space. I keep banging into it every time I go around the corner, because I’m not used to it being there. Sigh. There’s also an enormous grandfather clock in one corner, with a deep, sonorous chime every hour. I LOVE long-case clocks (I’m a clock person), so every time it chimes, it backs me happy.

Had a late lunch/early dinner from a neighborhood Mexican place, which was great. Went out for a cocktail with an acquaintance and some friends of hers at a neighborhood place. Got back in time to catch CAPRICA, which has been heavily promoted. I need to watch a few more episodes before I make a final decision. Right now, it seems to be at the crossroads of an interesting, responsible exploration of belief and obsession, or it could turn out to be religious right wing crap. If it’s the latter, I turn it off for good. There were individual scenes I really liked, but I’m not yet sure, as a whole, it can hold me.

Got a little bit of writing done last night. Today, I need to do some dashing about — especially since tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and horrible, and I just don’t want to go gallavanting.

I hope to spend most of the next two days at the page. I need to juggle the WIP with the Steampunk with the first act of the new play.

My mom called– she went over to feed the cats and they’d trashed the place — tables overturned, mail scattered everywhere, cushions strewn all over the livingroom. Yes, they are not happy they were left alone yesterday!


Have a great weekend.



  1. It’s really hard to juggle everything when you’re a writer.

  2. Glad the trip went well. Enjoy your time in Philly!

  3. Ohhh, I had to laugh about the kitties. They miss you OR they want to fun at your expense.

    One of the reasons I like to read your blog is because your life is so different than mine. It’s nice to see your world.

  4. Ooh, the kitties are upset with you! I hope you continue to have a good time!

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