Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and (a tad) warmer

I’m having trouble getting going this morning.

Got a little writing done yesterday, but not enough. Took another load of stuff to storage, ran a few other errands. Made ratatouille and a beef stroganoff in the afternoon, reading Yasmine Galenorn’s BONE MAGIC in between the simmering and stirring. I like it a lot — the threads of the storyline are getting more complex, and, at the same time, she keeps managing to surprise. Both as a reader and a fellow writer, I’m fascinated by the way she unfolds this series.

Started another book (by a different author) last night which I don’t know if I’ll finish. Not only is the writing sloppy and expository in the wrong way, but the author writes about a foreign locale and it is obvious said author never visited and only knows through reading the most basic of guidebooks. Very few writers are good enough to set books in locales they haven’t visited in person. Some are imaginative enough, do enough thorough research, and find people who’ve either lived there or visited there who, by being asked THE RIGHT QUESTIONS by the author, can relate specific, sensory information that brings the locale to life.

This author didn’t have those strengths.

The book’s definitely going up on BookMooch, and I won’t be buying any more by this author. The author’s published quite a bit, but the style, the voice, the tone, the lack of research, and the sloppy writing turn me off. It’s hard to make a living in this business, so I’m not going to trash anyone by name, more power to the person for making a living, but I won’t be contributing to the royalty checks in the future. Just not to my taste.

Last night’s episode of CHUCK was much better than the season premiere, and I enjoyed the episode of CASTLE. Nice little distraction in the evening. And I did my workout, which was okay, but not great.

Did a lot of percolating yesterday, which was helpful, and will alternate percolation with writing today. I’ve got to get a few things cleared off, get another load of stuff to storage, check on my mom (her back’s worse), and do basic stuff like vacuuming and mopping the floors. Housework never ceases, does it? But if I can write a few scenes and then percolate while I clean, and then write some more, it should all get done in a reasonable amount of time.

When I’m percolating writing, it’s hard to talk about it, because the process is so internal and mysterious, even to me. It’s like putting a bunch of stuff in a slow cooker. When it’s ready, you have a great meal, but if you take it out too soon, some of the elements are too raw and it doesn’t taste as good.

And preparing to do the webhost move is a nightmare, pure and simple.


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  1. I thought of you during last night’s episode of Chuck when I realized they’d never once set foot in the Buy More. *g*

  2. It’s such a disappointment when you start a book only to find it’s not worth spending the time reading it.

  3. I hate when I invest time and money into a book and it’s not what I expected. Writing about locales you’ve never been is difficult but I’m with you – I think it can be done and I’ve read a lot of books that make me BELIEVE I’m there when I’m reading.

    Moving hosts is a total pain but it’ll be worth it in the end. 🙂

  4. I hate when I have pleasant expectations of a book and then realize I really can’t stand it.
    I enjoyed Castle last night.
    I hope your day goes well.

  5. I hear you on percolating. When others ask what it’s about, I don’t want to say for fear I lose the ideas in the explanation, thus tarnishing the whole darn thing.

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