Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2009
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Cloudy and cold

Just a quick check-in this morning. I have to dash to CT briefly this morning, and then I’m returning to the page.

All I could think about yesterday was the steampunk. I couldn’t physically get back to the page after my errands for several reasons, the major one being most of my day was spent taking care of Elsa. But I worked out a bunch of plot points, tossed out some more possibilities that would make the piece too long, and I think I’ve got the whole piece worked out in my head. Now, to get it all on paper.

It took 40 minutes to get the ice off my car. Ah, for the day when I’ll have a garage! Trader Joe’s was a madhouse. I guess most people stayed in during the bad weather and had to stock up. Staples was a madhouse, but I got and set up my 2010 folders. Mrs. Green’s was better, and I grabbed the coffee I needed. Again, there’s this sense of desperate shopping. I don’t know why — the sales just aren’t that good this post-holiday season, and I’m not going to shop just to shop. The stores that had very little merchandise and didn’t carry what I wanted/needed are the stores I will pass by next year. As far as my business went, they gambled and lost.

And other stores, who stepped into the breech with both customer service and quality goods will continue to get my business.

I had to drive all the way to Purchase to mail my bills because I couldn’t get near, even on foot, the post office right up the street. Sigh.

Got a rejection from a publication that both threw me and annoyed me. I know the story stands up. This is the second rejection I’ve gotten from the editor — both times, the reasons given were things that should have been in the guidelines — if you don’t want stories with more than three characters (first rejection), or you don’t want a protag under the age of 18 (second rejection), that needs to be in the guidelines. Yes, a lot of writers don’t follow guidelines properly. But, for those of us who make our living at this and actually pay attention, the guidelines need to be accurate.

Bottom line is, this woman doesn’t like my work, so I’m scratching the publication off my list and moving on. In spite of the recession, there are plenty of publications out there. And some of them have published me before and want more from me, so I better get going on that.

And I already sent out the rejected story to another market. My first submission of 2010!

Got back the rider from one publisher who’s expanding an anthology in which I appear from print into digital as well. Very happy about that. I’ve really enjoyed working with them on this anthology and the one that’s coming out in April. I love my editor there — she’s fantastic. We can really go back and forth on the details of a piece, not in conflict, but working in tandem to make the piece the best and most effective it can be.

My SMITHSONIAN magazine started arriving (since I”m now a member). It’s really great. There’s so much information I can use as research for my writing — splendid! Even stuff set in the era in which I’m currently writing! I love synchronicity.

Have a good Sunday, all! Thanks for all the good wishes towards Elsa. We can certainly use them.


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  1. Hi Devon .. I certainly hope Elsa will be alright – her care is so important, may she be peaceful.

    As you say one door closes and another opens, and you’re making the running with some others – good luck with the publications.

    The Smithsonian magazine sounds incredible – and I can imagaine will be full of information – lovely to learn by .. glean ideas .. have fun ..

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories

  2. I know you are worried about Elsa, me too. Just hang in there until Tuesday like she is. Hopefully, the vet will have helpful answers.

    One of my goals is to start submitting my short stories again. I have to put myself in that place again that when I get rejections, not to take it personally. Sometimes Editors just don’t like the work, sometimes it doesn’t fit their needs and sometimes I need to rework it. But it never ever means I need to quit writing. I must keep that negative talk out of my head.

    It’s nice to know (for me) that a pro gets a reject now and then.

  3. Here’s to hoping Elsa will be fine.
    And that ice is so miserable on a car. You are right – a garage is a saving grace on those days.

  4. I’m keeping Elsa in my thoughts! The sales before the holidays weren’t as great as they’d have you believe, either. The only thing I was eager to purchase after the Holidays were books. *g*
    I’m sorry about the rejection, but obviously the editor has issues and I have faith you’ll find a home for your submission with positive results.
    Have a pleasant day.

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