Sunday, December 20, 2009

Adding in some real greenery

Sunday, December 20, 2009
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde

It didn’t even start snowing until 7 PM last night, but I’d say we received about a foot of it. It looks gorgeous, and supposedly it’s powdery, so it shouldn’t ‘be too bad to shovel out the car this afternoon. Oh, to have a garage someday!

Yesterday I worked on tidying stuff up and doing some more decorating, etc. Losing that week right after Thanksgiving due to the furniture swap really got me behind. There are islands of organization, but still far too much upheaval. The table’s finally done, and that looks lovely.

I ran out to mail some last few cards and went to CVS to pick up some pens (my pens seem to have vanished), and, of course, bought a bunch of extra cute stuff for the stockings. I love finding things for the Christmas morning stockings. It’s such fun!

Got some writing done. Confidential Job #1 sent me the next assignment, which they want by the 29th, so I have to get going on that, too. But it was a pretty quiet day. The “friend” still hasn’t called and I just can’t let it bother me too much. Clear message, that’s all I have to say. I don’t let people treat me like that. If you need to change plans, let me know. If you flake out, call as soon as you realize it and fix it. Don’t just ignore it.

I had a program on about dogs last night and Elsa got all excited. (Elsa loves dogs). She kept swatting at me, and rubbing against the screen and purring. I said, “No, Elsa, you can’t have a mastiff. When we get a house, you can have a DACHSHUND of your very own Not a MASTIFF!”

She does love dachshunds, but she really liked those mastiffs.

The eggnog cheesecake is amazing. Definitely a keeper recipe (thank you, MARTHA STEWART). I made maple-walnut muffins this morning (they also have oats and dates in them). They are awesome, too, although chopping dates at 7 AM on a Sunday morning does not rate high on my list of favorite tasks. They don’t use any sugar – the maple syrup and the heavy cream keep them sweet. That recipe is from the SILVER PALATE GOOD TIMES Cookbook, another of my favorites, and perfect for a snowy winter morning.

I’m staying in today, decorating, writing, and working on a few other things. Around 2 or so, weather-permitting, I’ll go dig out the car. It’s just started snowing again, so going out now would be a waste of time!

Have a great Sunday!



  1. The snow is so soft over here that I couldn’t even make a mini-snowman.

    Have a good Sunday.

  2. The dachshund is *my* dog – I’ve had 3 long haired and would love a little wire haired. Just the right size to fit through cat flaps, and brilliant temperament too. Again, I can’t wait until you move.

    We finally got a bit of a snow dump, around 2 inches during the night that was melting by lunch time, then possibly another 2 inches this afternoon, and it’s still coming …

  3. I am laughing at your post…in good way. My advice is to give Elsa what she wants. I know from experience you might pay if you don’t. What’s a little Mastiff? I wish I could show you my sister’s Bordeau Mastiff. He is the biggest slobberyist fella you have ever seen with the biggest sweetest heart.

    I’m sorry about your friend.

    If I were there I would help you shovel, that’s hard work. We didn’t get any snow here in MO, which is fine with me.

  4. I wish we’d gotten some of that snow! I am sorry to hear the person you considered a friend is obviously not worthy of you. I hope you enjoy your snow and have had a lovely day!

  5. I agree! Give Elsa her mastiff :>)

    Hi Devon, I followed my way here from Journaling Womans blog.

    I have a Mastiff, I would be happy to share him with you!

    Hes a rescue and you can meet him here

    I really like your blog and I will be back!


  6. Eggnog cheescake sounds great. I’m putting eggnog in my coffee and hot chocolate. Actually, my son put it on his Cheerios yesterday! I thought it was a little much, but he seemed to enjoy it. So you’re not going to wrap up a mastiff and put it under the tree for Elsa?! LOL

    • I don’t know if a mastiff could fit through the door, now that they put the new doors in and the openings are so narrow I can’t even get a normal sized couch or chair through!

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