Thursday, December 17, 2009

Detail of the cat garland over the doorway to the kitchen

Thursday, December 17, 2009
New Moon
Sunny and cold

The platters are delivered! Woo-hoo! Three hours to assemble, five hours to deliver. I have one platter and two tins to deliver in the building — but since they’ve changed the locks on everything, I can’t just slip into other sections and drop them at the door, the way I used to, so it’s gotten a little more complicated.

Thank goodness for hats, because after 5 days with no hot water and having to pour kettles of warmed water over my head to wash my hair, I was not a pretty girl.

I picked up some Chinese food on the way home, because there was no way in heck I was going to COOK after all that. Still no hot water. So I called the Health Department again, and they told me to call the city’s Buildings Dept. I haven’t been too happy with them in the past dealings, but what the heck. I got a really nice woman on the phone, explained the situation — five days without hot water — and she said she’d give the owners a call. Fifteen minutes later, she got back to me– they claim they’re “waiting for a part” and hope to have the boiler fixed tonight. I said, “Haven’t they ever heard of overnight delivery? Even the Post office does that.” And she said, “Yeah, I pointed that out.” But now it’s officially on the record, and they can ride the owners.

I get off the phone and the heat’s shut off. It’s 35 degrees outside. Typical — someone complains, so they punish us. The cats climbed under the featherbed and I prepared some hot water bottles. A friend had offered her shower once she got home for work, so I packed a bag in preparation.

About 3 hours later or so, the heat and the hot water came on. I took a long, hot, ecologically unfriendly shower and no longer smell like a sweaty sugar cookie sprinkled with orange zest.

And I had a big glass of wine and dipped into some of the goodies friends sent over for the holidays. I love all those packages of little goodies like cheeses and summer sausage and the like. They’re so much fun!

I tackled the cards and they won, so I’ll have to get back to them today. Had a really good yoga session and a really good writing session this morning. I’ve got to pick up one more gift for my mom and then do the rest of the grocery shopping for next week.

I think I’ve got everything I need for the Solstice Dinner on Monday. I may do the Trifle for the Solstice. I’ve got a plum pudding for Christmas Eve, and a pannetone for Christmas Day. I’m not going to deal with New Year’s until after I make it through this set of holidays!

I’m not a big New Year’s fan anyway — too much enforced, desperate joviality. When I lived overlooking Times Square and the big ball in NYC for all those years, I gave a huge party every year and we’d watch the ball drop. As the years progressed, it got to the point where, if you didn’t get there by 6 PM, you couldn’t get in, and I wasn’t allowed home after a show, even though I lived there. So I had to make other arrangements after whatever show I worked, because I couldn’t get home until at least 1 AM.

After a few years of working as a swing (substitute), I stopped accepting work on New Year’s Eve — just too insane. A lot of shows no longer have performances at night — it’s too hard for the audience to get there, not to mention actors and crew.

For several years I did a yoga retreat, and, occasionally, I’ll go to a small gathering out here. This year, I’m either going to do another retreat (this time in CT rather than upstate NY) or go to a friend’s, where there will be just a handful of us. And yes, of course, I’m in charge of the food, always! 😉

Better get gong – I need to eat something (I skipped lunch yesterday and that was really stupid — I was ready to gnaw on the steering wheel by the time I got home). And then it’s off to the store and back to writing cards. If I can get those done this morning, I’ll set up Ornament Hospital this afternoon, and maybe get some more decorating done.

And some more writing. It’s hard to write about the impending Apocalypse during the holidays!


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  1. Thank goodness the scumbags finally gave you hot water and heat! You poor things!!!

    • I bet you if I hadn’t gotten the Buildings Dept. on them, we’d still be without. With 120 apartments in the building, why am I the ONLY one who ever gets anything done?

  2. You’re making me tired just reading everything you’ve got done. I haven’t even started the holiday baking yet. At this rate, I’ll be lucky if I get any cookies baked.

    Glad to hear the idiots finally got your Hot water back on.

  3. LOVE the cat garland.

    And I’m afraid I’m ahead of you. (Slight gloat.) Or at least on the cards … (That’ll learn me. I still have no decorations up.) I finally got all of mine done save one, and that’s only cos I haven’t found the right one for her yet. She’s a good friend and she particularly appreciates when I “go to the trouble” to find her a really nice card, so it has to be perfect every year.

    Glad you’re smelling sweeter again. 🙂

  4. I laughed out loud at this: ” I took a long, hot, ecologically unfriendly shower and no longer smell like a sweaty sugar cookie sprinkled with orange zest.” Actually, compared to what I smell like after cooking, that’s a bonus!

    I’ve found that the more companies push me, the more I push back. I have no doubts you’ll break these guys, Devon. They’ll eventually tire of having authorities breathing down their necks. One good, expensive lawsuit ought to do.

    I’m with you on New Year’s. We’ve never (okay, one time) gone out for the holiday, and frankly, I’m tired of the notion that, like holidays, everyone MUST come together or the world cannot spin. I educated my daughter just yesterday. Her boyfriend doesn’t want to do anything – he wants to stay home (which is two hours from here) and visit his family. She was getting a bit worked up when I reminded her that she sees him constantly, and that everyone needs alone time, even on holidays (sometimes especially so). We’re disappointed when others don’t meet our expectations, so stop expecting things! Do what you want and to hell with it synching with someone’s preconceived notions.

  5. Well you made the right call, that’s for sure. The fact that they held your hot water hostage and then your heat is a big fat CRIME.

    I love love love your energy.

  6. I am so glad that you have hot water AND heat again. I am sorry that you seem to be the only one of your building you cares enough to complain. It almost seems as though the others can’t be bothered or something.
    Good for you, getting a hot shower! I bet you felt much better afterwards.
    I hope you had a good evening and a good Friday!
    (And that kitty garland is fabulous!)

  7. And I thought Scottish Power were bad…..deary me.

    “It’s hard to write about the impending Apocalypse during the holidays!” – *GULP*

  8. What kind of chinese food you’ve picked up?

  9. Glad you had that hot shower. :o)

    My decorations are going up today. They are! And I still have a couple of cards to deal with. It’ll be New Year before I’m ready for Christmas…

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