Monday, December 14, 2009

Iris likes to be under the blankets

Monday, December 14, 2009
Waning Moon
Cloudy and mild

I have a post up at Sole Struck Fashions (up yesterday, actually), about quick gift ideas.

My eye hurt like crazy yesterday, but it seems better today. I just kept using drops, and chamomile tea bags on it. The vision’s no worse than usual — it’s just the movement that hurts.

They know me at Michael’s, because I’ve been in there every day for the past week! Sigh! Of course they didn’t have the garland I wanted, but they did have one left of a really lovely one — green with silver and blue accents — it works perfecatly over the ktichen, and I have my cat ornaments hanging from it — it’s the “cat garland”. It took two hours to do the other garland — I realized, once I was done, that I should probably do all the fastening BEFORE I put it up, instead of standing on a chair! What I usually do is fasten the blank garland and then decide where I want to place the elements I add.

Anyway, they both look really good. The coffee table’s done with the centerpiece and a slew of nutcrackers, another surface has most of my Santas (although there are Santas and angels and elves and snowmen peering at one from every shelf and surface in the house — it’s sort of like being back in Prague, with all the statues on the buildings staring down at you). The faux mantel is done. The tree is 2/3 done — I have one more box of ornaments to hang. The ribbons are up around the doorways — I put red ribbons on either side of the doorways, with pine cones or ornaments at the top, and that’s where I hang the cards. I have some ornaments that need to go to Ornament Hospital, which I will set up probably tomorrow. The Advent Table’s not yet finished (and there’s only one more Advent left!), and the kitchen table (the only table where we can eat) isn’t done, because I still need it for baking and Ornament Hospital. It’s the only working surface other than the living room floor that I have.

The little live tree looks cute — I have most of the Solstice ornaments on it, and it will be the centerpiece for the Solstice Ceremony next Monday. I’ve been trying to name the tree something meaningful and the tree keeps going, “Uh, no, that’s not my name”, but I don’t yet know what the name IS yet.

All six hours of TIN MAN ran, followed by all four hours of ALICE yesterday. I watched favorite bits of both in between the decorating (I never just have the TV on as background — it drives me nuts. I’d stop and watch and bit, then go back to decorating, then go back and watch a bit, and so on). SyFy’s going to have to cut some serious residual checks for yesterday! 😉

I’ve been having really odd, busy dreams the past week. Last night’s may turn out into the good foundation for a story. Here’s hoping.

The weather was dreadful yesterday. Although we didn’t get snow, the temperature fluctuated enough so there were patches of ice with rain on top of them. And lots of fog. I had to pick up my mom at night (she can’t drive at night anymore). With all the accidents on the highways (there was a 50-car pileup in CT), I took backroads. Very little traffic, and easier to see.

I’ve got butter softening in the kitchen. I’m back into baking mode today. I need to frost the cookies that need it and take inventory, and bake some more. I can’t store the cookie platters once they’re made — I have to prepare them, load them, and deliver them in one fell swoop — so I’ve got to make sure I have enough of everything. I may test some new recipes on family for the New Year.

I also have to sit down with the recipes, copy them out and put them in the protective sleeves, and make notes on what did and didn’t work, so I have a jump on future years.

I retrieved my coats from the cleaners. They look fabulous. I just have to put new buttons on them, and I’m all set.

Good writing session this morning, thank goodness, and now it’s off to baking. I’ll do another push on the cards tonight, once the baking is sorted.


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  1. Busy busy!! Hope you eye feels better. Your decorations sound awesome!

  2. I hope the eye is just a temporary things and heals really quickly.

    I’ve been having weird dreams too, but they’re about people I know and I’m starting to hope they may be foresight and good news.

    We’ve not had snow yet either, but it’s been promised for later this week … pah – bet it goes right over the top of the Land That Time Forgot again …

  3. I love chamomile for tummy aches. My teenage kids cringe when I use the word tummy, oh and boo-boo.

    How wonderful, all your holiday prep. We’re trimming our tree tonight . . . ho, ho, ho.

  4. She’s bruised your eyeball. Maybe get that looked at just to be safe? Doubtful it’s anything serious, but better to check.

  5. It was a misty, drizzly day here too, a little ice at times. But today, nice and warm clearing up the mess. I see your cat under the blanket; my cat is often cold, perching on the furnace. We tried a little kitty sweater once, but she’d have no part of it. Oh the indignity of it!!

  6. Should you have checked?

    I think I DO turn the TV on for noise. How sad! I don’t like the quiet though. I can listen to music but I get tired of it after awhile.

    I had a kitty once that looked exactly like Iris, except her name was Willie because I thought she was a boy at first. She was too wild. But I tamed her. She lived outside for 18 years. She was a good cat.

  7. I hope you baking goes well. And that your eye heals quickly.

  8. Just caught up with your eye injury – that sounds really painful! Hope it’s not serious.

    I hate Christmas shopping so never do it, except for online where I can get just about anything. Really personal gifts I would go out and buy, which doesn’t account for much since I got banned from buying clothes or jewellery anyway. 🙂

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