Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Partly sunny and cool

Busy day yesterday, but definitely a step up from the last few. Good writing day on the contemporary Christmas story. Stopped at some stores that didn’t have what I needed, paid storage, picked up the cheesecakes for the trip and the fixings for the shepherd’s pie I’m making today to bring up for tomorrow night’s dinner. Lunch with a friend, back home, some reading, some writing, some correspondence. Glass of wine and a snack with another friend. Worked on the grocery lists for baking. I need to build in a day to try the various stollen recipes somewhere, and I’m adding those supplies to the list (can you say a lot of yeast and a mountain of candied fruit)?

Writing going well on the new Christmas story. It feels right. In addition to the usual holiday issues of family and estrangement, I get in a few jabs at ignorance and injustice, but as a trusted friend pointed out, hey, Dickens wrote about the social problems of the time, too, so I’m in good company.

Today’s agenda consists of writing, baking, cooking, wrapping the presents that go up to Maine, and deciding what the heck to wear for the dinner. I hate not being packed the day before I leave — I like to pack ahead of time and not stress.

Bad headache today, but I hope it will dissipate as the day progresses. The constant leaf blower noise doesn’t help either. We had no heat for most of the day yesterday and it got a little raw in here towards mid-afternoon. Now, they’re turning off the heat BEFORE 9 am, when they figure people have left for work, and don’t turn it back on until AFTER 5 PM, when they figure people are on their way home. Because anyone who’s here during the day isn’t worth considering. Yes, it’s illegal, and no, they don’t care, because all that happens is a slap on the wrist, and they go back to doing the same crap.

At least I’m baking and cooking for most of the afternoon, so that will keep the place warm.


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  1. That’s 3 of us with nasty headaches – Nebraska, New York State and good ol’ Blighty. I wonder what’s going on. Feel better soon – I hope we all do.

    I’m a complete lightweight. I lost almost the entire day yesterday … But even if my mortgage payment depended on it, I still don’t think I could have worked through it – it was a bit blinding for a start … :o(

  2. It makes me SEETHE that they can do that to you guys! UGH!!!

    I hope the headache goes away and lets you work!

    And now I want to make my family Shepherd’s pie–it’s such a great cold-weather comfort dish!


  3. Do the slap on the wrists not add up to something bigger with continued complaints? Talk about a flawed system. You’re making me want to bake! And that’s four of us with headaches.
    Good wishes for you today!

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