Sunday, November 15, 2009


Sunday, November 15, 2009
Dark Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and mild

Pretty good weekend. Got a lot done on Friday morning. Went to one site for part of the afternoon, then the site where I stayed overnight. The weather was dreadful.

Had a slow start on Saturday. I’d like to say it was due to the weather. I had “busy” dreams all night, dreams where I was off doing stuff, so I woke up exhausted. It was hard to get the butt in the chair and write. All I really wanted to do was curl up on a big, comfy soft under a quilt with a good book and some hot chocolate.

I got some good work done on some articles that have to be cleared off and out before I leave in the morning. I got some good work done on the Christmas story. I’ve hit a point where I”m choosing to narrate for a page or so rather than develop all the information into active scenes. I can justify it by saying I’m staying true to the style of the time period, but the truth is that I need to cover a lot of ground, both literally and figuratively, in a few paragraphs rather than in a few pages. A jump cut won’t work here, so I’m using narration.

The Post biography is fascinating. So far, it contains information relevant not only to the Christmas story, but to GOOD NAMES, THE FIXER, and the novelization of GLAMOROUS HEARTS. Not bad for a book I picked up at a library sale! The only part I’m having a bit of trouble with is that the biographer points out, over and over again that Marjorie was spectacularly wealthy, lived an opulent life stye, but did a lot of good. I’d rather come to the conclusion myself than have the biographer tell me — every time she does, I get suspicious. But, other than my own issues with so-called social/celebrity philanthropy, I’m finding it an intriguing and very useful book.

I’m trying to sort out a man with a van to do the furniture swap. I need 2 guys and a van for two hours, to dump an old mattress, take 2 pieces of furniture to storage, and bring back 6. I’m getting quotes equivalent to the big storage move I did in July. Are you kidding me? I’m not paying the same for 2 hours and less than a dozen pieces as I paid for 6 hours and a whole storage unit with furniture and a couple of hundred boxes. I’m trying to reach the mover I used then, and his number’s changed. Since I’m on the road this whole week, it will be complicated to get it sorted and done before Thanksgiving.

I’ve got a few errands to run today — even with a cat sitter, if I’m not the one around, I like to set up a self-waterer, which is basically a huge jug that gives them access to lots of extra fresh water. My self-waterer has gotten kind of gross, in spite of the careful washings and care, so I’m getting another one — hopefully one of a better quality. I shouldn’t complain — I’ve had this one since about 1991. The feeder’s fine, but the waterer has crevices that, I guess don’t dry out properly in between uses. It’s been fine for years, and suddenly, when I pulled it out this time, it’s not.

The cat slave, er, sitter, is sorted, and, hopefully, the cats won’t be too much trouble. Yeah, that’ll be the day. Elsa believes everyone is her friend, but the twins are deeply suspicious and sit at a safe distance with disconcerting stares. Although, it was Iris who made friends with the cable guy, which I thought was funny.

I had hoped to get two LARGE shipments of books here before I left, but they didn’t arrive yesterday. How much do you want to bet they arrive just minutes after we depart? Hopefully, the sitter will take them in, but sometimes concepts such as bringing in the mail are beyond . . .let’s just not go there.

The cats are not happy that there are suitcases scattered around. I have to pull out a bunch of stuff I had with me this weekend and transfer it and then pack my writing bag for DC. I’m using a backpack, because I’ve got the wheeley suitcase. I’ve never put my laptop in a backpack before and I’m nervous, so I’m going to reinforce the straps. In other words, I have not yet purchased the writing bag o’my dreams.

I could just ramble on for hours this morning, I’m very chatty, but I think I’ll get back to the page, polish and get the articles out, and push to finish the first draft of the Christmas story so I can edit it while travelling.

I’ll have links to articles up all week, so please keep checking back.



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  1. Wow, sounds as though you have many things going at once. I hope you’re able to reach the mover you used before. I also hope your trip goes well and that you stay safe!

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