Sunday, November 1, 2009


Sunday, November 1, 2009
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Editing a story and staying within a word limit is like bartering — for every word you wish to add, you have to give up one.

That’s how it was, editing “The Misappropriation of Talent”, the Merry’s Dalliance tale, but I got it edited, polished, and out. Either they’ll like it or they won’t, and, if they don’t, I have other markets that will accept it.

Had to make a trip to Costco, never a good idea on a Saturday. But managed to sail through pretty fast and stock up on a few things, including a 4-lb bag of Nestle’s semi-sweet morsels. Yeah, I’m planning to bake a lot in the next few weeks!

Wrestled with “Lake Justice.” It’s going well, just slowly, and I don’t have the luxury of “slowly” right now. I prefer to have time in between projects, time to decompress, but the deadlines fell together this go-round, so I don’t. And I’ve got three more stories to write in the next two weeks.

The noise and chaos around here with ridiculous all day and made it really hard to work. I think the workmen scared away the Trick or Treaters, which is a shame.

It was well into the evening by the time I realized I’d written 1500 words into a corner, and to keep going in that direction just made all my characters look stupid. But I didn’t know how to get them out of it.

So I took a shower.

And the solution came.

I jumped back to the desk and fixed it. And keep going.

I managed to get “Lake Justice” out the door by 11:22 PM — cutting it a little closer than I’d like to the midnight deadline. It’s definitely flawed, but I hope there’s enough there to get us to the editing phase. If not, and it comes back rejected, I will do another edit before I send it out again.

But I made the deadline, and that was very important to me, rather than just letting it fall by the wayside. I’ve let too many deadlines slide over the last few months. Some of it I had to, because of higher paying work needing to replace uncontracted work. But I needed to get this done for ME.

My GDR wrap-up is online for October, and I’ll post November’s To Do list in the next couple of days.

Once the deadlines were met, I could enjoy Samhain, and also the days of Tending the Dead, which are over the next few days — long nights ahead of me. If you want to know what I mean by Tending the Dead, you can read about it here.

I should jump into the next story, the 2500 word one that has to go out in the next few days, but I think I’ll give myself the day off writing. I’ve got some errands to run, and I need to get to work on Confidential Job #1’s next assignment. This is yet another very busy week, with a bunch of travelling.

If I’d committed to do Nano this year, I’d already be in despair.

I baked cinnamon rolls this morning. Well, I stuck them in the oven. Pillsbury prepared them. I couldn’t get the carton open with a spoon — you’re supposed to press down with a spoon and it pops open. Only it wouldn’t.

So I used a hammer.

And it flew across the kitchen when it popped, but I caught it in midair, so it was okay.

I’m off early tomorrow, talking to middle schoolers at my former school about career as a living, evolving organism, rather than a straight line. Why did I agree to do this again?


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  1. I’m sorry, but I’m laughing imagining the thing flying across the room! *G* Have fun with the baking! Glad to hear you made your deadline.
    I hope you have a nice Sunday!

  2. Yea, that had me laughing, too! I hate those containers. I hate the pop. I screech every time. My kids used to stand around waiting for me to jump as it popped. At least it was entertaining. 😉

    I’m doing Nano this month with a vengeance. I need to. I have a story in limbo and forcing myself through with an arbitrary deadline is just what I need. I put down 1,500 words yesterday and left off mid-sentence. Nothing like arming myself with a start to the next 1,500. 😉

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