Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009
New Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Rainy and cold

I think I’m fighting the beginnings of a cold or something, which totally sucks. I’m hoping to catch it before it fully develops. I’m right on that edge. I feel better this morning, but if it floods and I have to be in and out in the muck, I doubt I can stave it off.

One of the things I’m playing with in “Be The Monster” is handling relationships/conversations that are often handled in a rather cliched fashion in the fantasy genre a little differently. Only my Trusted Readers will be able to tell me if it works. It’s fun to write, though, because I’m turning all sorts of conversations we’ve read a hundred times on their heads.

“Lake Justice” or “Justice Lake” or whatever the hell I’m calling the other story today is simply fast, scary, and funny. That’s all it needs to be. It’s also a hoot to write.

I dreamed about one of the residencies last night — I hope that’s a good omen!

I’m going to shed some projects in the coming weeks that don’t fit in with my overall vision and path over the next few years. There are a couple of projects that would be fine if I was still where i was when I started them, or because I liked the IDEA of them, but when I sit down with the scheduling and responsibilities, I realize it’s not something that works in the long term. There are other people who are better qualified and more excited — I’d rather be a worker bee for one of them than the one responsible.

I moved the car, checked the brook, waited for the Big Bad Storm, hoped I wouldn’t get a ticket. I probably wouldn’t have moved the car until late at night, since it was dry around here, but a friend called me from the town marina to tell me that all the roads around there were filling up, even though the tide was going OUT.

I figured I’d risk a $25 ticket rather than losing my car.

The brook here stayed low all night, and, when I recently checked it (along with a dozen or so of the neighborhood folks), we don’t understand why the brook is still so low, when areas that don’t often flood are under water. According to the news, the tide never went out last night, so today we’ve got tidewater coming in on top of the water that’s already there, so by noon, basically, we should be screwed.

The desecrated courtyard is just one large mud puddle.

I can’t go out to buy bread in this weather, and we ran out, so I’m baking some this morning and hoping the power holds until it’s done.

Hopefully, I can finish out my commitment at the conference today without everything going kerplooey, but I have to take it one hour at a time.

Two of my really good friends are starting new jobs tomorrow and I’m thrilled for them. Always great when friends get opportunities that make them happy! I salute you!

The cats woke me up at 4 AM, and then I overslept. If they’d just let me sleep until 5;30, I’d be willing to get up and stay up! All of our lives would be easier, but I can’t seem to make them understand that.

I better get the bread kneaded so it can rise, and then I can get it in the oven. Fingers crossed that everyone is erring on the side of caution rather than a repeat of 2007.


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  1. I just noticed that both links for Hex Breaker in your sidebar are broken, Devon.

    Hope the day goes well for you!

    • Thnaks for letting me know. Imagine my surprise when i went to check and re-do the link and I discovered that FireDrakes shut down without even the common courtesy of letting the authors know!

  2. Crossing my fingers for you on the power issue and rain! It sounds as though you have thought out the future carefully and are prepared. Wishing you many good things!

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