Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunrise view from our motel on the Cape

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Waxing Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

No Prague diary today, because I have to do some background research for the essay and haven’t had time. But it gives you a chance to catch up on yesterday’s long jaunt, with photos, and you can keep scrolling back for the earlier ones as well.

Instead, I have a more personal-than-usual entry on Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions, setting up my October.

So, yesterday just sucked so badly it was unbelievable. Just after I finished posting yesterday’s entries, I hear chainsaws. And a paper is slipped under the door from the scumbag landlords saying the “beautification process” commences today in the courtyard for 4-6 weeks –which means we can’t go through the courtyard in that time period and how are people like, oh, the mailman, going to come in?

We go out and ask one of the workers what’s going on and he says, “All the trees are going down. Big boss says so.”


They promised not to cut anymore trees. I mean, we suspected they lied, but still . . .my neighbor called City Hall and everywhere else, I sent off a scathing email calling out the landlord as a liar, and we tromped down the stairs.

City Hall had someone here in ten minutes. Although, legally, they can’t do much, because this is private property, the building only has a permit for stonework. In other words, they’re tearing down all the brick walls that were put in to help manage the floodwaters, ripping out all the bushes and flowers. They told the City Hall guy they’re protecting the trees.

I bet you they will create reasons to get the trees out, one by one, during the course of the six weeks.

The trees are gorgeous — you’ve seen some of my Winter Wonderland photos in the snow. Some of them are 50-100 years old — and in perfect health. It’s horrible.

Then, I had to file some more paperwork re: scumbag landlords, to wind up the previous problem.

Then, I checked the car — tire totally flat.

I went to the auto body shop next door to see if they could pop on the spare so I could get it to the dealer. They took off the tire, found a 3” nail embedded in it, and patched it. It should hold until the next check-up in a few weeks. It was also a lot cheaper. But the way they patched it — it concerns me.

I’m enormously grateful we made it back from the Cape,and it didn’t completely blow when we had to rush Iris to the vet the other night.

Went grocery shopping. Planned the meals for this weekend’s gig in CT. Packed my clothes, but not the writing bag.

Got a little work done on the essay, but not enough.

The nasty neighbor did die on Monday. I feel bad because she was my neighbor and, well, you want them to move AWAY, not move ON. I feel it would be hypocritical for me to attend the funeral, but I want to show respect, so I think I may just send a condolence card to the family. I’m not sure how to convey the proper respect and manners for someone I didn’t like, so that I can be a good neighbor (which I tried to be to her, even during vehement disagreements), but not be a hypocrite.

Just wanted to curl into a fetal position. Blinding stress headache all day.

Got a royalty check for the play. It covers Iris’s emergency vet visit exactly. Amazing how fast it goes out, isn’t it?

Europe’s economic recovery is progressing much more quickly than ours. In fact, Germany’s turning around into growth already, according to European News reports. Part of that is that the EU has ethics regulations imposed on the banks (I don’t think they call them that, but I do), so that the banks can’t rape and pillage the customers the way they can in the US, and people can actually put money back into the economy instead of into already over-inflated bank fees that the banks continue to charge, in spite of only surviving because of our TARP money.

The big banks should have been allowed to fail. Instead, they were allowed to get away with financial murder, thanks to Hank Paulson standing on street corners handing out our tax dollars, and continue to reward their top executives for creating the meltdown in order to personally profit. They should have all been kicked to the curb — and prosecuted for crimes against the American people.

I’m off the Greenwich Library EARLY, so I can actually attack this essay and get the bulk of the rewrite done. Because it’s due Monday, and I’m nowhere near ready.


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  1. Sorry about the nasty neighbor – I think a card would do nicely.

    I can’t believe they are going to cut down trees. Totally ridiculous.

    Have a pleasant Thursday.

  2. How about this inside the card: “I’m deeply sorry for your loss. May your memories of her ease your grief.”

    I didn’t realize she was nasty. Sorry. It’s like when my Aunt Kate died – everyone hated her, but she’s still family. You just tell the family you’re glad she’s no longer in pain (or being a pain, but you leave that part out!).

  3. Oh those poor trees! Good for you for standing up for them!!!! I hope they stay where they are.

    What about writing something – fiction or non-fiction about your landlord situation? It might soothe your soul. 🙂

  4. Tree killers SUCK! (I’ve spent thousands trying to save my two white oaks in my yard so stories like this kill me!) You are wonderful to take a stand!!!

  5. I can’t believe they’re chopping down healthy trees! There is no justification for that.
    As for your neighbor, a card would be a simple yet polite thing to do.
    I hope today improves for you. HUGS.

  6. Your condolences are TO those that remain, not FOR that which has passed.

    Those trees would have been protected over here, private property or not.

  7. I can’t believe they’re cutting down those trees! That’s just so sad.

    Your day DID suck. Hopefully today is better and you have a nice weekend. 🙂

    And yes, amazing how fast those royalties are gone. *sigh*

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