Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and hot

The computer and I are limping along. Bits of programs fall out; I figure out how to get them back and bits fall out of other programs, but I managed to get some work done. I have no idea how long the computer can last, and I have no confidence in any of it, but at least I’m working day-to-day getting work done. It adds unnecessary stress to my life, but there you have it. Every time the programs and files have been reloaded, they run differently, and I have to re-learn how to maneuver within them. Since it’s the same files and the same software, it doesn’t make sense. It’s frustrating and a time-waster. I’m also tired of having to use a password on my own computer every time I want to do something. That’s a minor irritant, but I still get offended when my own computer won’t recognize me. It used to.

I’m back to writing first drafts in longhand.

Apple called — the woman with whom I spoke last week. She said she has a “resolution” for the problem. I wasn’t home to take the call, so I left a message and we’ll probably talk tomorrow. If the “resolution” means going back for another round of repairs, I’m not doing it.

They need to earn my trust back, and the way to do that is to come up with a solution so my computer runs well for a sustainable period of time, especially with me doing all the backups and maintenance it’s supposed to have.

Got some client work done, caught up on a few things. I’m having difficulties with 1and1 (gee, what a surprise), so the “out of office” is still up, because I can’t get it down. Hopefully, that will change today, and then something else won’t work. Gee, what fun.

I started playing with a story idea and wrote some notes and an outline. It deals with belief and non-belief. I doubt it will ever be publishable, but it’s something I want to play with and explore, and maybe it will come in handy in something down the road. Both of the protagonists and the antagonists have very different belief systems from each other and from me, and I wanted to explore what it was like to be inside those different psyches. Then, of course, a secondary character came in for what was supposed to be one scene, and now he’s an important part of the overall story. It’s intriguing, it’s different, it’s out of my comfort zone, so I want to try it.

I didn’t work out last night — didn’t feel up to it. I noticed that, if I don’t do my evening yoga practice, I’m much less limber in the morning. So I need to be more committed to the evening practice again, whether I feel like it or not.

I had a great 1500 word session on “Amends” today. I think it’s going to turn out to be a novella, not a short story. It’s developing in a very interesting way. It’s a mystery with elements of comedy and the paranormal in it. So, we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve got to take care of some business in the morning, then go to the grocery store. I’ve got some work to do in CT this afternoon — let’s hope the computer holds up for that.

I have meditation group tonight — I look forward to it.


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  1. If they’ve called you back it sounds promising to me. I don’t know of many other places that would do that – Microsoft? Nah!

    Hope and praying it gets sorted. I know how excited you were when you first got it. Someone with a bit of Apple knowledge must surely be able to straighten it out. It sounds like a clean sweep and reload is what’s needed, but I’m PC and don’t know much about MAcs I’m afraid.

    Tell you one thing, writers the world over are crying out for the perfect writer’s aid…a sturdy, portable, reliable piece of hardware that has internet access, allows you to write, publish, design, and market all in one place.

    One can but dream…

  2. Apple’s issues are indicative of business today – make a product quickly and pay oodles to have a service department fix the things you didn’t take care of on the release.

    I’m with Colin – that they called you is a good sign in general. That they had to call – well, not so good, but at least they’re trying.

    It’s too bad simple word-processing machines are gone. I’d consider doing my work there, transferring it to a PC, then sending it off. Then again, how much more work would that be and how compatible with other programs would it be?

    Again, we’re slaves to technology. 😦

  3. I hope the call turns out to help you. I also hope the meditation tonight helps as well. Hugs.

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