MacGeorge and I are Limping Along

So, MacGeorge and I are limping along. I’ve spent hours and hours and hours today tweaking. Instead of calling Apple Care and getting the wrong information, I’m asking the computer questions and poking around adjusting stuff.

Unfortunately, every time one thing is adjusted, it means something else fails (the latest is that if I hit “ignore” on Spell Check, the only thing it ignores is ME, not the word).

But I printed out some stuff, got out a submission that’s due and three queries, and we are getting by.

I’m still upset and depressed, but, since it’s obvious I’m not going to get any help from the company that created this poor thing, it’s up to the computer and I to figure it out. It may have Artificial Intelligence, but I’ve got to focus more on the “intelligence” part and less on the “artificial”.

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  1. What you’re doing is what I’ve done when I couldn’t get customer support to help me.

  2. I’m sorry your baby is being a little brat. Hopefully you can train him up!

  3. So sorry to read about this latest hassle you are having. I only wish there was something I could do to help.

  4. Makes you long for paper and pen, doesn’t it? Sorry, Devon. Remember the days of word processors being the best thing? We may have to go back to that.

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