Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday, June 23
Waxing Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Cloudy and humid

Yesterday was all about dealing with some business that I can’t yet publicly discuss. Today, I have to make a decision based on the information received and the research. Didn’t get much writing done. Got some work done on client projects, and pitched for two jobs.

I went to White Plains for the iWeb workshop, and I feel like a whole new world has opened up. iWeb is consistent with the other programs in the computer and it’s very logical in page building and design. In the class, I actually came up with a really cool design that used my own photographs and their reflection. i learned how to use opacity and sizing to make a photo or a book cover the background for the page. I learned which texts work best on any kind of browser and which ones to watch out for. I learned how to layer text and graphic and other elements. I learned how to build the navigation bar. The teacher was great, and encouraged the way I thought out of the box for everything. After a certain point, I got overwhelmed and couldn’t take in any more, but I learned a lot.

I now know that I can rebuild my sites from scratch, should I wish (and I will for Fearless Ink and for Devon Ellington), I can build the subdomains from scratch, and, if and when I move hosts, I can take my own design with me. And, since my host only allows me to build a certain number of pages with the site builder, by not using it, I can keep the designs/pages in their site builder I really like (such as Cerridwen’s Cottage), but build my other sites/subdomains with complete freedom.

Getting them up on the host could be tricky, especially if I have to take down my site for the transition.

One of the things I love about these workshops (in addition to the fact that they’re free), is that the teachers are REALLY good (even though I’m probably older than most of their mothers), they know how to explain things, they get excited when you come up with an idea they don’t really hear about a lot, and are eager to help you explore it.

Yes, in every single workshop, there’s been the moment where I did something and said, “Okay, I don’t understand why this happened” and the teacher comes over and says, “I’ve never seen that happen before; let’s figure it out” and we do.

I was talking to a staff member before class and he said that Apple is a better choice for me in particular because “PCs are for conformists and Apple encourages individual thought” and because the program structure within Apple is so consistent from program to program, it encourages more freedom and individuality. You learn how to use “inspector” in iPhoto and it works in iPages and in iWeb, etc. And the programs all integrate, so you can build whatever and however you want.

Since I have MobileMe, MobileMe can serve as my host, but for now, I’m juggling too many email accounts, etc., and I think it works better to have a host outside of Apple. I’m always a little leery of having everything on a single system, because if there is a failure, for some reason, I’m screwed.

The other thing I like about the way they teach is that they really build one’s confidence. As someone who felt beaten down by PC and the lack of tech support provided by Dell/Microsoft (in spite of buying the three year service contract), and as someone who refers to herself as “the PC-abused”, dealing with people who are genuinely helpful and excited to teach you and help you figure out how to make something work is amazing. If it hadn’t been for Colin and some of the other readers who coached me through the various PC problems over the years, I would never have gotten anything done, because the people who were paid to help me sure couldn’t be bothered to honor their contract. Apple is an entirely different universe, and a pretty wonderful one

I have to go grocery shopping today and run some other errands and make some decisions and just get a few things on track. I’m not getting the information I want and need for Thursday, so I have to get after them.

So it will be a busy day. I’ve got an iPod workshop this afternoon in Stamford. I’m going early to return a few extra bits I bought to go with it that I don’t need and to ask for help getting the Twitter application, since I don’t have wi-fi yet in the apartment and can’t download it from here. I’m also going to start packing for the weekend.

So it’s not “back to the page” for me today, but a whole lot of other stuff that will, ultimately, support my time at the page when I get back to it.


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  1. Even this sounds productive, Devon. I’m sitting here spinning my wheels with someone I oughtn’t be bothering with – over a stray period. Swear to you, he’s all fussed up over a stray period on the first draft. Can we say get over it?

    Other homegrown stresses have me to my breaking point, which is why I’ve gone a little underground yesterday and today. I can only take so much before I break. Let’s just say that last nerve ending is stretched to its limit.

  2. It sounds as though these classes are a good fit for you and Apple in particular. I hope whatever you have on your mind today, works out for you.

  3. I’m so glad you’re discovering all this stuff now–your work will be so much more effective and seamless once the transition is complete! I’m tickled for you!

    I’m still a clunky PC user. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a Luddite. But now and again I’ll look over at Hubby at his computer and say “Hey, that is soo cool, how did you do that?”


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