Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Sunny and lovely

I promise I won’t pout or whine too much today, but yesterday was just a typical example of Mercury Retrograde.

So, I’m plugging along yesterday, with the attention span of a gnat, getting practical things done, following up on pitches, getting out correspondence, basically not having a good time. One of many reasons I don’t work in an office: I hate admin work. But I really think it’s pretentious for most freelancers to have “assistants”. In the time it takes to instruct an assistant, I can do it myself. Someday, if I’ve got a volume of work where it makes sense to truly delegate some of the interesting as well as mundane to someone, I’d consider it, but at this point, it’s just a waste of time, money, and talent. Too much requires me to make a decision as I sort through it.

Anyway, a little after three, I had the opportunity to go on a really cool roadtrip today. It’s a gorgeous day and would make sense to be out in it, plus I’d get a plethora of photos and research done for several projects. So, i decided to dig in, get a lot done, put up the “out of office” messages, etc.

A little after 6, we had some power weirdness. The overhead lights in the kitchen and two of the sockets (on opposite walls from each other) stopped working. The stove and the fridge were fine, as was all the rest of the power in the apartment, although the cable box got a power surge and freaked out. And I buy surge protectors because . . .? You pay all these money for the surge protectors and they are useless.

Called Con Ed, who said I had to call building management first. Checked the fuse box — all good. Finally tracked down my super, who said he’d come by this morning. Which meant I had to cancel the trip, because if people had to march in and out of here all day working with electricity, I am damn well going to be here.

Called the cable company and they talked me back through getting the cable rebooted. They’ve streamlined their system now, and it works much better. That only took about twenty minutes, instead of the usual two hours. I’d shut the computer off — the Mac seems to have a surge protector that works built into the plug (which is about the size of Elsa’s head), so it was all good. If I’d had the PC on, it would have probably exploded and bye, bye the rest of the stuff I have to pull off.

i figured I could make tea via candlelight all night. I went back into the kitchen around 9, automatically flipping the switch — and the lights were on. Tested the sockets. They worked.

By now it was too late to put the road trip back on, so I just gritted my teeth and dealt. I will try to reschedule it for next week.

Damn the Mercury Retrograde!

But at least nothing terrible happened.

Talked to the super this morning — turns out one of the workmen who are eternally making our lives hell for the past two years hit a switch on his way out yesterday, so the whole section of the building on that particular line was out.

Don’t even get me started.

But it’s fixed.

And I have work to do. Which I’d rather not do, but too bad for me, right?

More correspondence today, some client work, packing more contest winner stuff, and finishing the work for Confidential Job #1.

I got a nice chunk of work done on the Matty book this morning. And i’ve got to work on another outline/synopsis over the weekend, so I can kick another project out the door and onto the query go-round next week.

Brandy, to answer your question, if residents want to use the beach and the park in summer, we have to buy a resident permit. It works out to a reasonable rate if you use it every day, but I don’t. Non-residents have to pay some other price. It kind of sucks. A lot of people take the train out from Manhattan and surrounding areas to visit Playland and our beach and park. I love it that Playland’s so popular — it’s an Art Deco amusement park from the 1920’s — but it the beach is so overcrowded all summer that I avoid it.

Booked a few more stops for the blog tour, and a radio appearance in late July. Must keep the momentum going on the publicity!

I have to pack today for the weekend gig. It should be quiet and a lot of fun. And, I get to take the laptop. Major excitement at being so mobile.


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Sorry to hear of your power issues. I hope today is a better day for you!

  2. Mercury Retrograde would certainly explain a lot about today for me too!

    Sorry the reswearch trip got canned by the way – sounds as though it was a good one. Here’s to a fruitful weekend!

  3. Dontcha love the mobile life? I do. I enjoy packing up the laptop and getting the hell out. Not that I go anywhere exciting, but going is the key. It FEELS like a vacation while you’re still working. Very odd paradox.

    Enjoy the trip. 🙂

  4. Enjoy your weekend!! 😉

  5. Man, that sucks. Just because someone was careless. That has happened a few times here, in my sudbidivion, when they are building homes, they cut off the water, power, etc. with no warning while they hook things up. FRUSTRATING.

    Hope you get that trip! Enjoy your weekend!

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