Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Yesterday was a busy day. The DIXIE DUST RUMORS publisher asked for the front and back matter for the book, so she can send me the final proofs. I spent a good part of the day transferring stuff like acknowledgments, book blurb, creating the Jenny Storm bio, etc., so that I can send it to her. I decided that I didn’t like the material I shot for the Jenny Storm icon. There’s another photo I want to use, one I shot, but I have to find out if there’s a rights issue involved. I don’t think there is, but I want to do some checking.

Polished the two articles. One will go out today, another in a couple of days. I’ve got two more to write. Plus, tomorrow, I’ve got to handicap the race card for Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

Proofed about five chapters of ASSUMPTION OF RIGHT. I’ve got three more to go and it’s done, complete, ready for submission. I need to get that book out the door. It’s in pretty decent shape. I just hope I’m targeting properly, so it’s contracted sooner rather than later.

I set up the MySpace account for the Jenny Storm work, but I haven’t had a chance to design it yet. The next few days are about getting the cover and excerpt up on the website and the page. I may also redesign the Jain Lazarus My Space page. I have to take a look at everything. After that, it’s about designing postcards and promotional materials. I’m going to focus on DIXIE DUST RUMORS, since that release seems as though it will overtake the release of OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK.

And then I have to see what else goes out under Jenny Storm. If my publisher likes DDR, I’ve got a hockey-based book to finish for the same age group that I’d like to submit to her when submissions re-open in the fall.

The cats are fascinated by the new computer. They keep trying to mark it, making it “theirs”, and I keep wiping it off. The Mac is MINE! 😉

Got some errands done yesterday; have a few more to do today. Found the wonton wrappers at the Asian market in White Plains — bought two pounds worth for about $3! But most of the time will be spent writing. I have to get back to the plays. I wanted both FEMME FATALE and BLOOD SOUP ready to submit by tomorrow, but that’s just not going to happen. I’m hoping the end of next week will work for that.

Good morning’s writing session. Now, to catch up with practicalities. The April Wrap-Up will go up on The GDR site later today or tomorrow.


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  1. Sounds like a lot of progress. I’m worn out. That regular gig of mine is slowly sucking me dry, but you know I stick with it due to the economy. The moment things improve, I’m scaling back BIG time on it.

  2. So the Jenny Storm pseudonym will be used exclusively for YA? I know what you mean about the cats trying to mark your Mac. Mine have done the same thing since we bought it a few months ago.
    I hope you achieve your goals for the day!

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