Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Rainy and cold

If you looked up “waste of food” in the dictionary, my icon would have appeared yesterday. I was useless. Using a thimble on the space bar key still hurts. But I am not investing one penny more in this pile of Dell crap. I want my new computer! And it damned well won’t be a Dell!

On the productive side: Signed and returned the contract for “The Retriever”, wrote about 1500 words on a novel (longhand), and started negotiations for a possible new serial.

Spent far too much time on Twitter. Had a blast, but it doesn’t really count as work.

Spent time with Verizon’s Customer Disserve Department. Just useless.

Read a bit. Elsa and Iris nibbled on a plant they shouldn’t and both had tummy trouble in the afternoon, so I was the cat nurse. They’re both fine; they just whined a lot. I know the feeling. By 3 PM, I was kind of there myself.

I’m waiting for confirmation on a couple of things, and I can’t concentrate on anything until I get the final answer.

Trouble with the cable last night, but I called and they fixed it from their end. I’m always surprised when a company actually gives me the service for which I pay.

Decent morning’s work –in longhand. Nice, steady pace. Computer’s running poorly, and the space bar gets on my last nerve.

Hope to get back to work on the play, proof some more of the novel, and finish revising a short story today.

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  1. Hope today is productive for you! I am picturing the thimble–you poor thing!

  2. Waste of food – that’s a good one. 🙂

    Verizon’s service is beyond questionable. It’s an embarrassment to that company and does little to convince me I’m getting what I pay for.

    As for Dell, I have a Dell desktop – it’s nearly 9 years old. This has been the best desktop – and the longest-living – but I hear you completely on their reliability. My daughter’s Dell laptop lasted a whopping two years before dying a quick, excruciating death. Hated that damn thing from day one.

    I’m still sitting next to my replacement desktop – a Dell. I know I need faster processing speed, but replacing an older, very reliable Dell with a newer, questionable Dell does not have me leaping for the change.

  3. I hope many of your frustrations are resolved. Hugs on a bad day.

  4. Well, signing the contract was a great thing, right? We have 3 Macs and a Dell. No one ever wants to use the Dell.

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