Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Rainy and cold

First of all, Melissa Donovan has a great article on “How Poetry Writing Improves All Writing”. Check it out.

Second, today should be an interesting day. Landlord scum is turning off the water all day (at least they warned us), so I am taking myself and my writing into exile elsewhere. Not sure where yet – I have to see what I can carry with me and work on in longhand.


But a change of scenery usually works well for my writing, so I’m not going to fret too much. Just whine a lot. 😉

And, of course, it’s rainy, cold, and icky, so it’s not like I can go to the beach or the park or the Nature Center and write there for a few hours.

I signed and returned my contract to The Ranfurly Review. I’m very excited that they accepted a story of which I’m quite fond for their June issue. I went through my Pitch Log for January to see what needed follow-up. I was quite surprised by: The amount of pitches I’d made in January that turned out to be scams or bait-and-switch rates (so I refused them) and the amount of pitches I wasn’t really interested in following up. I only followed up on three, and one of those now has an invalid email address. Sigh. Two more pitches will get follow-up next month – they’ve got longer response times.

The job boards have just sucked lately, as far as anything that really ignites my interest. So I’m looking elsewhere and polishing some more proposals – this time with more careful proof-reading.

Disappointed with Castle last night. Especially since last week’s episode was so strong. Still love the actors, but the script was weak, and the “B” story line ex-wife character was so badly written I gritted my teeth every time she came onscreen. This was not the actress’s fault – it was the script. There was nothing for her to work with. There were so many ways to cleverly get across the same information, and they chose not to. Come on, people, you can do better than that! Give us a person, not a cipher!

Skipped my workout last night because I was reading a book – and regretted it. Skipping the workout, I mean, not the book. The book was fun. But I was out of sorts for the rest of the night, and I didn’t do my evening yoga. I had trouble getting to sleep, odd dreams once I fell asleep, woke up too often, and am grumpy and out of sorts today.

Sometimes, you just have A Day.

Mediocre writing session this morning – too many interruptions, due to the impending water shut off. So, I’ll pull together my stuff and decide where to hole up for most of the day. I’m sure the change of location will improve my mood, once I find a good location!

Hope you’re all having a GOOD day!


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  1. It’s a good day so far, and it’s only 9:30. I’m off to the library to write, so I think the good shall continue!

  2. Good luck with finding somewhere inspirational to write.

  3. Well, today was almost a wash, but luckily my husband handled the Verizon Nightmare-du-jour. Internet was out until about 9:30, which cuts right into my blog-reading time. I feel like I’ve been running to catch up ever since.

    Congrats on the upcoming publishing in The Rainfurly Review! You’ll have to alert us to when it shows up in print. 🙂

    The job boards DO suck. I applied for three jobs that fit – one is filled and the other is courting me a little. No word from the third and I don’t expect it, nor will I cry if it doesn’t come. It seemed okay, but there was just something that was bugging me about the ad. Probably a scam. Aren’t they all anymore?

  4. Hi Devon! Thanks for the honorable mention, and thanks for mentioning Castle. I keep hearing about this show that is about a writer, but I also keep forgetting the name of the show. Now I’ve got it in writing 😉

  5. I didn’t really like the ex-wife plot last night either, on Castle. And today is NOT a good day.
    I hope you found a peaceful place to write!

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