Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Well, the migraine won and I lost yesterday, so yesterday was a “lost” day. It happens. I managed to get my errands done, but that was it for the day.

Light doesn’t bother me with these migraines, but I’m even more hypersensitive to sound than usual, and very aware of scent. The sound of the maintenance people taking out the garbage (three stories below) nearly killed me. Low-toned piano music usually helps, and I had some incense burning, which also helps. Yeah, they’re in direct contradiction to most headache remedies, but they work for me. That and some rosemary oil on the temples.

I managed to read a bit, off and on. Unfortunately, it was one of the worst books I’ve ever read. I won’t detail the title, the author, or even the genre – I’ve never read this person’s work before, have no knowledge of this person via internet or anything else – and will avoid all future work by this person. It was supposed to be funny – well, that’s what the book blurbs stated. Okay, I LOATHE book blurbs, the fact that the blurbs told me what to think should have tipped me off. It wasn’t funny. It was stupid, poorly plotted, unmemorable supporting characters, clichés all over the place instead of actual human beings, bad jokes about sexual choices that barely masked homophobia (while pretending to be “tolerant” about it), and the protagonist was an idiot who didn’t learn from her mistakes, jumped to stupid conclusions, and was mean to the people around her. Why would I root for this person? I kept turning the pages hoping the protag would meet her demise – even though it wouldn’t have made sense, since the book was in the first person. Ick, ick, ick, ick. Thank goodness I picked this up at a book sale and it only cost me about twelve cents – or I would have asked for my money back! I want those two hours of my life back! (Preferably without the migraine).

I rarely dislike a book as intensely as I disliked this one. Usually, I can cut some slack and say, “Well, it’s not to my taste, but there’s a market for it” – I can’t imagine anyone with a quarter of a brain who’d think this was worth the time.

Fortunately, I then slipped into Peter Dickinson’s The Yellow Room Conspiracy. I didn’t get very far because my head hurt too much, but what I read is beautiful. Every word in every sentence is perfectly placed, and the way the sentences flow into each other to create paragraphs that enhance mood and character and plot – in addition to being just a damned good story, the construction is gorgeous.

The problem with lying prone fighting a headache is that one’s head starts to fill up with stories again. I made some notes. There were some characters and situations that floated around my head for a few weeks that are now coming together, so I’m jotting notes in order not to lose them.

Remember that dream I had last week about a (well-known) actor, and I interpreted not as being about that particular actor, but about work on Broadway? I got a call to work a show last night. It’s from someone with whom I haven’t worked with before, and she’s rightly cautious to find out more about me instead of just saying, “Come play with us.” I’m going to update my theatre resume and I’ll email it over today. If it works, great, it’ll be some quick cash; if not, that’s fine too, because I’ve got plenty of writing on my plate, and I don’t miss the theatre as much as I expected. I’ll just roll with whatever opportunities come my way and not worry too much about it.

I’ve got residual migraine soreness, which I hope dissipates over the course of the day. I have to catch up on what didn’t get done yesterday. And, of course, the landlord is shutting off the water for a good portion of the day, so I have to fill up everything and hope that he remembers /bothers to turn it back on. At least we got written notice, even though it wasn’t technically 24 hours ahead of time, which, by law, it’s supposed to be.

There’s a new neighbor in the apartment across the alley. Elsa disconcerted him by sitting in the living room window and staring at him while he hung his new blinds. It was really funny. And, as soon as he was done, he pulled them down. She was very disappointed. She hoped he had a large screen television she could watch from the window. The guy in the apartment next door to the new guy, whose large-screen television she used to watch from the kitchen window, rearranged his living room and now she can’t see it. Yeah, when I move, I have to get a bigger television for the cat.

To answer Piter’s question, from a comment he left on the March 13th post, I consider this blog part of my job. I’m a full-time writer; it’s how I earn my living, and I consider this blog part of that. It’s also a joy. But it’s definitely not a “hobby.” And I’m glad so many of you agree with me that the whole blogger-as-royalty-commentor-as-peasant model is crap. You know, if people want to classify themselves like that, they can. WE don’t!

Decent morning’s writing so far. Let’s hope the rest of the day remains productive, and the migraine doesn’t flare up again. I really don’t need a multi-day migraine.


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  1. That’s a bummer about the migraine, but sometimes they win and we lose. I hope the soreness goes soon. I just get tunnel vision until I go blind, then increased nausea if I don’t find a very dark room to lie down in quick.

    That book you hated, sounds just like one of mine. 😀 (Oh dear …)

    The way you describe your neighbours’ apartments reminds me of Rear Window – the original Jimmy Stewart one.

    Hope the water isn’t off for too long and it’s not too grubby when it comes back on.

  2. Woke up with my migraine pain yesterday. That’s a newer phenomenon for me, but once the movement is gone, the headache’s at least easier to deal with. Excedrin. Tea. A lighter schedule.

    I’ve found it helpful to elevate the head when I get a migraine. It relieves a bit of the pressure and seems to alleviate the symptoms faster. I’m one who’ll lie there and meditate in an attempt to avoid the nauseating light movement in the eyes. And I bought a eucalyptus eye pillow that’s fantastic. It’s cool without being refrigerated and the smell is so soothing. Like you, I get a little out of sorts by smells when I’m like that.

  3. My head hurt yesterday, too! Not a migraine, just a headache, and drugs took care of it.

    I am amazed you can read/write/plot with a migraine. I need TOTAL darkness and SILENCE.

    Here’s hoping for a productive day!

  4. Sorry to hear about the migraine. I hope are feeling better today. I totally understand cats watching tv. We have one that will sit in front of it and watch! I am guilty of leaving the tv on when we’re not home because I know the cats are used to hearing voices.
    I hope today goes well for you!

  5. Sorry to hear about the migraine. Not good at all. Sounds like Elsa is back to her best – hope so anyway – funny story 🙂

  6. Sorry about the migraine. I hope you’re better today.

  7. Hope you’re feeling better, now. Migrains are the worst.

    Elsa cracks me up. I love you kitties!!

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