Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and mild
Spring Forward!
International Women’s Day

Yes, today is International Women’s Day, so celebrate the women in your life!

And I just want to say that I truly resent having to “spring forward” and lose an hour of sleep! I’m cranky for days. At least this year, it happens a few days before my birthday. The year it happened ON my birthday, I took it very personally. 😉

Got some good work done on the Billy Root story yesterday, which I think I will call CRAVE THE HUNT. Double-entendre title, which will make sense once one reads the book!

A not-so-nice neighbor moved yesterday. Glad the person’s gone, but listening to the moans and groans and bumps of moving made me laugh and also distracted me from some of my work. And she couldn’t be bothered to clean up after the movers – partially drained coffee cups and napkins and all kinds of debris were left all up and down the hallway, which is just rude.

I withdrew my name from consideration for a project yesterday. I received a third round of questions – information which was already sent in previous communications, and I was asked for information which I feel is inappropriate to the position for which I applied. I’ve got contracted, paid deadlines coming up – I think this project would interfere. In the week or so of communications, I’ve been asked the same questions over and over again, and it’s obvious that none of the materials I’ve sent were reviewed. It’s hoop jumping, to see who keeps writing back before even looking at the materials, and that’s a waste of my time, which is just as important as the time of the person hiring. We are not a good fit, and if I’m this frustrated in the pre-interview process, we should not work together. I wrote a pleasant withdrawal letter, and I am done. It felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Again, one should always go with one’s gut. I definitely have the skill level for this project, I’ve got a lot of top level credits in that particular area, and I have no doubt that my skills are far beyond those of most who applied – but I can already tell I’d tear out my hair during the course of it. Buh-bye.

Managed to get to the beach and take a long walk through the park beside the beach and the boardwalk. If you’ve ever seen the movie BIG, the parts on the Boardwalk near the water at the beginning and ending of the movie were shot in my town, and that’s where I go to clear my head. The weather was gorgeous, and there were several dozen dogs playing on the grass and down on the beach in the water, having the BEST time after being cooped up for weeks.

I figured out some Billy Root stuff, and worked out some stuff for another project, and enjoy a small taste of spring. So that was good.

I started re-reading POSSESSION, by A.S. Byatt yesterday. Fascinating book, but it helps if you’re well-grounded in English literature. Byatt really pulls something off – dealing with two scholars researching two poets who turn out to have a connection. She writes from several points of view, including letters, journals, and poetry in the styles of several of her characters, in addition to creating a multi-layered plot and complex characters. I never saw the movie, even though I know the person who adapted it into a screenplay (and love his work) because there’s too much going on to trim it back and stuff into a two hour or less movie. I might rent it at some point, because Aaron Eckhert is in it, and I like his work.

I’m also re-reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Crosswick Journals. I have the first and the fourth. I’m re-reading the first, A CIRCLE OF QUIET. Her thoughts on writing and her commitment to a fully-integrated life, rather than boxing off the “writing” part from the rest of her life are fascinating and refreshing. The journal is fascinating not just for the writing aspects, but for the human aspects. What she figures out in her writing process is pretty wonderful, too. I keep my eye out in bookstores and sales for volumes 2 & 3 – I’ll find them someday and enjoy them when I do.

I’m getting better about actually turning off the computer after dinner and having an evening away. It helps with the computer’s problems, and, spending fewer hours on the computer per day means that, when I’m on it, I’m far more focused and productive.

However, before even 10 AM, forces conspired to prevent a productive day. I hope to overcome them.

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  1. Happy Bleated Birthday. I send best wishes and warm hugs!
    As for the writing you decided not to do, if you feel that much of a sense of relief then you definitely did the best thing for you.
    Again, Happy Birthday!

  2. Ugh, I can’t imagine losing an hour on my birthday — what a rip off!

    Happy Belated 23/24ths of a Birthday though, lol. Hope you made the best of those hours!


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