Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Stormy/sunny/windy/rainy all at once and cold

Yesterday was a slow writing day, but a decent one. I got some work done on The Lucy Gothic; I got some work done on the Ocean Fantasy, especially when it comes to outlining. I’ve got this amazing world, strong characters, and I have only the vaguest idea of what’s going on IN it. I wrote the prologue for it, I’ve got part of the first scene, now I have to do some plotting before I can actually write. I worked on the monologues — I may toss a lot of them and start over when I get home.

I got my errands done, checked on the cats, got back before the storm hit. Since the storm hit hours later than predicted, it really wasn’t that bad, thank goodness.

Received the next assignment for Confidential Job #1 and started it — will try to turn it around this weekend. So far, it’s really fascinating.

Found some jobs to pitch, but can’t do that until I’m home tomorrow, because I can’t use my flash drive here.

Great yoga sessions last night and this morning. I did an immunity-boosting sequence last night, because with the weather fluctuation and me being run down, I started to feel like something was gathering that shouldn’t. And I think I’ve gotten rid of it.

Today will be a day of interruptions, but then I get to go home late tonight and be home for a whole day tomorrow, before heading off to another site job for the weekend (without internet access).

I’m hoping it will be a good writing day, and that I can pack a lot into tomorrow at home.

I’ve really enjoyed this gig, but I’m ready to be home. And back to the plays. They’re tugging at me, wanting attention.

The stimulus package is going to help New York enormously and quickly, including saving several hundred jobs in the teaching and health care fields, and there are infrastructure projects ready to go that just need the funding greenlight, which will create thousands of jobs with additional support jobs, which then also mean people go to delis and stores on their breaks, which means people in those delis and stores keep their jobs and don’t lose their stores. The MTA is getting some funding, too, which means maybe they won’t make a 25% rate hike in June, which would prevent a lot of people from getting to job interviews, if not the actual jobs. A 25% hike on my train fare means, for instance, that it costs too much for me to go in and work a single day on a Broadway show. If this stimulus plan works the way it’s intended, it will actually make it possible for me to work shows occasionally — once something comes in on which to work. THIRTEEN shows have now closed.

I still want to read the whole bill — and I’m going to do it from the Congressional website, where it’s actually accurate, not from a pundit site that pulls out bits and pieces to illustrate whatever point it’s trying to make.

I want to read the straight text, not excerpts with editorial comments.

Because if there’s stuff in there I don’t like, those I pay to represent me will hear about it! And they’ll also get a thank you for the stuff that I like. Because then, yes, they truly are representing me, and they should know it.

Back to the page.


PS I saw the rough of the cover art for OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK. I love it, love it, love it! Wow! I’m thrilled. Will share it as soon as it gets final approval.


  1. The stepson is about to graduate from Columbia any minute, and his goal is to get acting work in the city. It’s not happening, is it? Too many veterans out there vying for the same work. Hopefully the stimulus package will get us all spending again.

  2. So glad you love your cover art! Hooray!

  3. Ooo! I can’t wait to see the cover art!

    And I did hear about all the shows that have closed down. So sad.

  4. Gosh, I so wish I had your dedication. I’m such a “poser” next to you. Congrats on the cover art!

    It’s so funny how we both see the stimulus package so differently. I’m glad you found out some of what’s in it. I did a search, but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t have a “spin” of some sort on it. Where’d you go?

  5. It’s incredibly hard to find objective news anymore – I just want the facts. That’s all. No spin.

  6. Love yoga.. Hope you got a ton of writing done. 🙂

  7. Glad you are happy with your cover art for Old Fashioned Detective Work.
    I hope your reach your goals for writing today!

  8. I could use a good immunity-boosting sequence. Stay healthy.

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