That Explains Everything . . .

Mercury went retrograde on January 21.

No wonder everything’s been such a mess!

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  1. Hi Devon, It is my understanding when Merc is in retro that there are communication problems or other types of delays. What is your opinion about Merc in retro? I was interested to know if there is anything more to it. Sorry to bother you – you just seem to know a lot about astrology. 🙂 Abby

  2. Abby, Mercury Retrograde affects travel, communication, electronics. You really have to think before you speak, because people tend to misunderstand each other during this time. Build yourself extra time for any travel or commute; expect delays.

    And just laugh when the computer crashes — because during Mercury Retrograde, that’s what happens.

    You want to stay away from major purchases like houses or electronics or cars, but go to flea markets and second hand shops, because that’s when you’ll get great bargains. Go to the sales — you’ll get astonishing value for money.

    My Merc Ret mantra:

    Stay low, stay quiet, go shopping.

  3. Dammit! That’s why the laptop went ka-flooey!

  4. It affects TRAVEL?

    Oh, freakin’ heck.

  5. Hmm…

  6. Yup, that figures this side of the pond too. When do things start to get better again then? I’m sick of everything going wrong and being in a permanent state of depression at the moment.

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