Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

Well, yesterday was both exciting and exhausting, wasn’t it? Loved the inauguration speech, and I think most people will take it to heart, roll up their sleeves and get to work. The majority of citizens will take on the responsibility and the work to repair the problems in this country, but we need leadership in order to do so effectively. Now we have it, so let’s get to work. Wall Street, of course, ran scared because now they have to be accountable and can’t just scamper off stealing people’s money, begging Congress for a bail out and then spending it on themselves. And those dodgy last-minute resolutions The Great Pretender tried to push through have been put on hold for review.

Heck, I was exhausted from just watching it all yesterday! But if our new President can get out of bed and attack his workday with enthusiasm after such a long day, I guess I can get some work done, too, right? 😉

So, we’re in the middle of waiting for the parade and someone pounds on the door, scaring the heck out of all of us. It was the exterminator. We’ve been trying to get the Scumbags to bring in the exterminator for nearly two years now and he shows up without an appointment or anything on INAUGURATION DAY? Not exactly what you want prowling around in the middle of a lunch party, but I was so grateful to see the guy that we coped.

I got about a page and a half done on The Lucy Gothic, but that was it. I had the television on most of the day, whether people were here or not, and that’s something I NEVER do. I can’t stand having it on in the background as noise. And one cannot write effectively in front of the television. Trust me, you do it, and you won’t get published, because everything you write picks up the flavor of what’s running in the background. And, after what seemed like umpteen hours, I just couldn’t stand having it on anymore, so I shut it off and read.

I’m re-reading A BOOK OF ONE’S OWN by Thomas Mallon, which is about people and their diaries. If you’re interested in people at all, whether or not you’re interested in writing, this is a book you should read. I first bought it in 1986, and I re-read it at least once a year.

I’m back to tackling THE MATILDA MURDERS, which I need to complete and send to my producer before I leave for my weekend site job on Friday.

So I better get to work.


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  1. I am weaning us off having “Noggin” in the background. The baby doesn’t watch the TV, and I find myself with the songs stuck tight in my brain the whole day–it’s INFURIATING.

  2. No t.v. for me! I have the radio on a lot, though.

  3. I can’t stand that background noise of the TV either. Drives me nuts. Especially sports. Ugh!
    And I LOVE when the exterminator comes!

  4. I’m still on an Inauguration high. Great feeling. :))

  5. I love it. “Now we have it, let’s get back to work”. I really believe there needs to be a country-wide shift, from bottom to top, from taking / pursuing our OWN happiness, to trying and create happiness / serving others…

    Thanks for posting, Devon…

    : )

  6. We have the tv on in the background, but it’s on a music channel through the satellite. *g* Um, an odd time for the exterminator to show up, but at least it’s done and over with.

    Have a pleasant day!

  7. Great to hear you sounding so positive again.

    Maybe the exterminator guy only showed after being inspired by the sight of Bush flying off in the chopper!

  8. Huh. Why wasn’t the exterminator at home, watching tv like everyone else?

  9. What an amazing inauguration! 🙂

    Me too – regarding the TV.. I can’t concentrate.

  10. You do sound upbeat and positive. Good news.

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