What’s going on?

I’m not sure what’s going on — when I publish the post, the template’s not taking properly, the links aren’t showing up in the sidebar — hopefully you’re not getting these problems as you try to read this.


update: Fixed. Thank you, Colin! You were right (of course) — it was the Zokutu!

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  1. Oh yes, you’ve gone all strange looking.

    The links are all still there on my view, but in the same colour as the background so quite difficult to see, and also at the BOTTOM of the page rather than next to the post. The background, in turn, has gone all dark brown.

    It’s all still there, though, and if you hold the cursor roughly over where something should be, it’s still there, just the same colour …

    Hope that helps, and hope you sort it soon.

  2. I also did a much bigger post than that one. Perhaps it’s not liking paragraphs and perhaps everyone else can see the rest of it but I can’t. So I’ll block it together and repeat it again here, just in case (although you may still get the email alert in one piece). All the colours are the same but the links are still there, you just have to hold the cursor in roughly the right place to see them. The links are also at the BOTTOM of the page, rather than to the side, and the background has gone all dark. Hope that helps and hope you fix it soon. (And apologies if this does duplicate.)

  3. I rest my case. Sorry. :o)

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