Sautrday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Snowing and cold

Check out the latest Jain Lazarus Adventures press release here.

The McAfee “update” – the second one of the day – began at 7:55 AM yesterday, refusing to allow me to work in any word files and only giving me limited internet access. Again, I lost a portion of my working day, this time due to McAfee. And I pay them why? By 11:33, it was still going and I had to shut the computer down to run errands.

Speaking of errands, what should have taken 20 minutes took nearly two hours because something happened to back up I-95 in both directions, which in turn backed up 287 in both directions, which in turn spilled the excess out into the three towns in which I had to travel. Sigh.

I also wrote a press release for the play – which is opening a day earlier than originally expected, on the 16th, which is exciting. I hope to see it at some point in mid to late February. So that will probably go out either Sunday or Monday.

Only now I get a message from the producer that there’s some sort of “emergency” and she wants to discuss it with me on the phone. That sounds ominous.

I checked the calendar about four times today – it feels like Mercury’s gone retrograde, but according to the calendar, it hasn’t.

Did a tiny bit of work on The Lucy Gothic, since I’m writing the first draft in longhand. Hopefully, the computer will cooperate today so I can attack THE MATILDA MURDERS this weekend and get that done, and start CHANNELING JIM MORRISON.
(Which needs to be started before I can tackle FEMME FATALE).

I forgot to mention that Thursday night I created a fake Asian recipe using the leftover duck from New Year’s, which actually turned out quite well. It was kind of, sort of a lo mein. And last night, before I left for the theatre, I made the Fettucine Carbonera from the January issue of BON APPETIT.

Seven days/week of yoga and six nights/week of working out have dropped the few pounds I wanted to lose and rearranged what I wanted to rearrange. I eat pretty healthily anyway, but I am completely obsessed with food and cooking and experimenting with recipes lately. I’m not all that obsessed with the eating part, but I am with the planning/shopping/preparing.

The show last night went well. There’s a good chance this is the last time I’ll get to work with everyone (I’m working the load out after it closes, but not scheduled for any shows during the final week). So that was a little strange. I got to work with the boys, which was great, said my possible goodbyes. This show is a difficult one to let go, in many ways, because it drew a lot of extraordinary people.

Twelve Broadway shows are closing this month, and very little is coming in. Our industry’s been hit hard by the recession. There just isn’t any work.

I better go call my producer to find out what the heck is wrong now.

So much for a good writing day. It’s already out the window, and it’s barely ten a.m.


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  1. I set my MacAfee to not update automatically but only when I let it and it helped BIG TIME. BIG TIME. It used to suck. Now it totally doesn’t.
    Happy Weekend!

  2. I’ve been following the news about Broadway shows closing with a real sense of sadness and loss. These economic troubles are affecting people all over and my heart goes out to those who are out of work because of it.

  3. I hope things are well with your play. Hugs on everything else. Congratulations on losing what you wanted and rearranging the rest. *g*

  4. Nothing like a emergency to derail your day. As for Broadway, those who love theatre will continue to do it whether Broadway is there or not. That’s why theatre will never die.

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