Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

I managed to get some errands done (everything in White Plains, which was great, so I didn’t have to criss-cross the county a half a dozen times), worked on the Billy Root story, worked on the article until the file went kaplooey (again), but that was about it. Oh, yeah, I got the January newsletter out. If you didn’t get your copy, drop me a line and I’ll send it to you; if you want to sign up, the link is in the sidebar.

Today, I’m hoping to coax the file back out and finish the article, which is already late, so I can get it to my patient editor. And I have a very long list of other things to get done as well.

I’ll post my January To-Do list up on the GDR site this afternoon.

Reminder: “Holiday Wish List” comes down on January 6 (tomorrow), so if you don’t have it yet and want it, visit the Ava Dunne page for the free download.

And if you haven’t downloaded the free Jain Lazarus story “First Feet”, you can do so here.

I had a good morning’s work on the Billy Root story, just over 1400 words. Nice way to start the day and week. I like viewing the world through his eyes. He’s much more scattered that Wyatt, and his emotions are much closer to the surface, but he’s a lot of fun. I’m about halfway through Chapter Two. By the end of Chapter Two, or, by the latest, the end of Chapter Three, I’ll be able to stop and outline the whole story, because I’ll have a strong enough idea of where I’m going.

I also have to update the Jain Lazarus character/continuity notebook soon – there’s a lot I need to look up, and it’s much easier if it’s all in the book, a single spot, instead of having to go back through the two books and the short story.

Now, if I can just get everything else properly organized, I’ll have a shot at getting things done this week, this month, this year. I’ve got three pitches to get out today, and at least one submission, along with all the rest.

To answer a couple of questions:
–I’m not an experienced astrologer, although I keep track of the moon cycles and the planets because I’ve found they impact my daily life and when I’m aware of what’s going on, it’s a good heads-up.
–Laura, I get the word bar at Zokutou. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get any of the Writertopia stuff to work for me.

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Billy Root story – 4,262 words out of est. 60,000

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4 / 60


  1. I’m so glad to be reading blogs again–especially yours! You sound busy as ever. That’s a GOOD thing, right?

    I always think it’s fun when you post the planets, etc. It makes sense!

    Have a happy Monday. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you keep a check on the moon phases and planets. If things start falling apart here, I always nip over to your blog and see what’s gone retrograde. :o)

  3. Great job on the writing! Always good to start the week out with a great writing session. 🙂

  4. Good job getting your errands done. I hope you were able to get your article file open today. It sounds like you are getting into a nice writing rhythm with your Billy Root story. Keep up the good work.

  5. Devon,

    Here are the URLs for both of my blogs since the links are not working:

    My new writing blog:

    My old blog about everything:

    Hope that helps.

  6. Wishing you a good day!

  7. I had a great day on revisions, today! I’m feeling good about this month and writing, and hope you are, too!

  8. Interesting about astrology.. That stuff fascinates me.. Congrats on your WIP.

  9. Were you able to get the article done?

    Glad you didn’t have to run all over the place to get the errands done. That’s always annoying.

  10. Thanks for the reminder to grab that Holiday Wish List story – I was on the laptop when I read the newsletter. And I now have my Jain Lazarus story to savor later on this week. :))

    Astrology IS fascinating. It explains a lot about our behaviors and how some people mesh well while others seem to be bumping against our psyches. After a while, you can almost guess someone’s astrological sign. :))

  11. Yes, to Chad– I noticed the link not working yesterday as well. I had to copy/paste the Zotukou link into the browswer. And THANK YOU, Devon.

    Writertopia sounds familiar, but I so liked the NaNo counter widgets, I was hoping to find something similar. Especially when I get back to keying my FWCs Book One. I’ll give Zotukou a whirl.

    Have a great day!

    Blessings, Laura

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