Monday, December 15, 2008


Monday, December 15, 2008
Waning Moon
Cloudy and cool

Today’s featured author is Gloria Oliver, who uses fascinating premises for her young adult fiction. Brenda, Susan and PJ, I specifically thought you would enjoy the interview. Hop on over to A Biblio Paradise to learn about her work.

It was difficult to get going yesterday, but I finally managed it. I worked on the Christmas cards. I finished all the overseas cards, and then made it to the “S” list before running out of cards. Since I’d lent my car to my mom for the weekend, it wasn’t as though I could dash out and get more! So I’ll do that today and finish up the cards.

I didn’t get much work done on the gifts, so I have to concentrate on those today, too. I’d hoped the packages could go out today, but they have to go out tomorrow. Oh, well.

Finished the assignment for Confidential Job #2. Sent it off with the invoice.

Did some work for another client that was so irritating that the only antidote was so spend time reading Virginia Woolf’s journal.

That took up the whole day.

I’ve been working steadily on the Maine project, and I’ve got some work done on the Aunt Doris/Cassio Christmas story. In addition to the holiday stuff that needs to get done, I also have to get back to the OLD-FASHIONED DETECTIVE WORK revisions.

In other words, a busy day. Let’s hope it’s also a happy one.

The newsletter should go out at some point today, so watch your box for it. If you’re not signed up for the newsletter, you can sign up here.



Violet and Elsa

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  1. You have beautiful cats. Even through the Internet they ooze personality!

  2. GORGEOUS kitties! You need to put pics of them on every blog! Like a “cat update” blog or something. I’m sure they’d love to be stars! 😉

    I hope you have a happy, festive, productive day!


  3. Hi

    Was not sure how to email you directly, but you have bookstore misspelt on the right panel. It’s written as Devon’s Booksore, rather than Devon’s Bookstore.

  4. Devon, I love the interview – and love her appreciation of stubborn characters. It’s true. I love reading / watching any SORT of a struggle / evolution. Jack Bickham writes that “we read for order.” It makes sense. Sometimes it’s like there’s NO order in my own life, but I appreciate the thorough wrap-up of most fiction.

    : )

    Thanks, Devon and Gloria.

  5. Gloria seems great and her books look fab! Thanks for thinking of me on the interview!

  6. Hey Devon~ !

    Just wanted to pop over and say hi and tell you I have awarded you an award! Go on over to my blog and check it out!


  7. Glad to hear things are going well for you! Elsa and Violet look cozy. *G*
    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  8. I am amazed at how many writers have cats, and wondering if getting one will improve my writing…:-)

    Joel Orr
    You have a book inside you. I want to help you set it free!

  9. Afternoon, Devon,

    I’m enjoying the pictures of your girls. I’m also looking forward to your newsletter.

    Have a great and productive day,

    Blessings, Laura

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