Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Waxing Moon
Rainy and cold

You have GOT to hop on over to A Biblio Paradise and read all about Terry Spear’s work. She writes both Scottish Medieval Romance AND urban fantasy – she totally rocks.

Thanks for the reminder about Vitamin B, Lara – I took some and it helped.

Had a reasonably productive day yesterday – good writing and revisions in the morning. Spent the afternoon working on the prototype for the Yuletide gifts. Even though the muslin mock-up worked, when I got to the actual materials I need to use for the project – did not work AT ALL. Which meant I had to re-think and FAST. I figured out something else which looks a lot better, but isn’t at all what I originally envisioned. I can’t make as many, but the ones I make will be better, and that’s what counts, right? I’ll make up the rest with festive baking.

The cats were very busy this morning. Elsa chased her tail until she got dizzy and fell over, then played with her shadow (she thinks her shadow is her friend). Violet rolled around over my writing, then pulled all the holiday covers off the chairs and rearranged them, little decorator. Iris played with a stuffed reindeer. Never a dull moment.

Back to the page, and then to start the assignment for Confidential Job #2, get some errands done, and get some more work done on the gifts. I haven’t started cards yet, so that’s a must. Cards are late this year, but they’ll get there.

Amy, I totally agree with you about the fact that people shouldn’t buy substandard products. Unfortunately, too many people believe that the short-term of buying something cheap because they ‘have no choice” justifies the long-term of all of us being hurt. There is ALWAYS a choice. I sure wouldn’t buy from Dell again, and I can’t wait to dump this piece of Dell/Microsoft piece of crap when I get my Mac. I’m tired of putting a band aid on an amputation, which is what I’ve done in years past by replacing my failing computers with another Dell. It always happened in the middle of a deadline, and I panicked. In addition to lousy quality, they have zero customer service and they don’t honor the purchased home-service warranties – to the point where the AG’s office around here is investigating them. Why condone this behavior by continuing to give them money? No, thanks. If I was forced to continue with PC, I’d buy a non-Dell product, but, if I can just keep this lump o’junk limping along for a few more months, I can get the Mac of My Dreams, and I won’t lose half my working day almost every day, which is what has happened for the past few months. Also, I don’t like doing business with companies that outsource, especially when the unemployment rate in this country is so high, so the sooner I can sever ties with Dell completely, the happier I will be. I’ve dumped the rest of the companies I’ve done business in the past that outsource. Dell is next on the list.


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  2. I hear you on substandard products. Nothing is worse than cheap toys. They drive me nuts. Luckily my kids have seen them break enough that I can now say “that’s a cheap, plastic toy and will probably break in a day” and they’re fine about not wanting it.

  3. Sounds like you’re feeling better – yay!

  4. You’ll have to tell me how you like the Mac. I’ve always had HP computers, and frankly, never had much problem with them. Just “normal” computer stuff. But I’ve always wondered if the grass is greener with Mac…

    Glad the Vitamin B helped! I need to take vitamins myself–to ward off any colds! Have a great day!

  5. My husband ditched his Dell for a Mac, and I ditched my HP (two massive viruses in 4 months….lost the same book TWICE–I was Not Happy) for a MacBook Pro. Never looked back. Even when I had problems with the laptop housing, bing, bang, boom, they took care of it.

    My son is considering a PC because they’re less expensive. We are so against it, we told him to save the money for the PC he wanted, and we’d kick in the extra $100 for him to get a Mac Mini.

    Computers definitely fall under “You get what you pay for.”

    Definitely hold out for the Mac of Your Dreams. Which one is that, BTW?

    On the gifts: Sorry the actual materials didn’t work out as well as the mock-up, but glad you have a Plan B.

  6. Dell sucks as does Vista, it’s what I have and am biding my time until next March when I can replace it. Luckily they’ve honored the warranty, so far. I’ll be getting a MAC next year as well.
    I’m sorry to hear that you’re project didn’t go well, but at least you were able to reconfigure it.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better today. Still sending good thoughts your way!

  7. Love my Mac. Glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

  8. Is your Dell a laptop? See, I have had a completely different experience with my desktop Dell. I’ve owned it for 8 years and it’s been fantastic. I replaced the hard drive (needed more space) and upgraded the RAM. No repairs. No issues beyond adware or viruses.

    I’ve heard gawd-awful things about their laptops. In fact, my daughter’s laptop died a few years into use. The motherboard died or some other electrical incident occurred – even the Geek Squad was left wondering what had happened. The early diagnosis was motherboard. We went with it and ditched it for a Toshiba, which she absolutely loves.

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