Thursday, December 4, 2008


Thursday, December 4, 2008
Waxing Moon
Sunny and cold

Here’s Stacy’s graphic again – isn’t it fun? I’m so excited about my date on her blog next week.

And hop on over to A Biblio Paradise to read my review of Sandra Worth’s wonderful new book, THE KING’S DAUGHTER.

And hey, if you haven’t bought “The Ramsey Chase” and Too Much Mistletoe, consider it, okay? Buy both, and you’ve still spent less than five bucks, which is always great in this economy! They’re both fun, they’re inexpensive, and they’re worth the price! 😉 Yes, we have a moment of shameless self-promotion here – I want these volumes out and READ!

I got worse again yesterday, unfortunately. I managed to get a bit of work done, including working on my column, getting a few pitches out, working on a resume I can actually send out in cases where a resume and not a bio paragraph is called for, and creating a list of job prospects who will receive pitches today. And, I got out a slew of short story submissions, especially several of the stories I developed in the workshop in October, in my magical small town with the magical bakery. Hopefully, some of them will hit.

Had a bad night, and am still feeling awful this morning.

Got some work done on the Maine project. It’s taking a very interesting shape, in a way I didn’t expect. I have a long list of things that MUST get done today, whether I feel like crap or not.

Can we PLEASE get rid of Paulson NOW, before he totally destroys what’s left of the economy? On CNN last night, some pundit was saying that Paulson was “naïve” and “believed the banks would do the right thing” when handed billions of tax payer dollars. I don’t believe that for one second. Paulson is one of them; he’s handing out as much money to his pals so they can take it and run before the change of administrations, because he knows this administration will look the other way. We will NEVER get a return on it, and the consumer will NEVER benefit from this bailout, because it was structured so that the fat cats can keep getting fatter. Hell, if I know these scum are going to take the money and run, the damn Treasury secretary should be at least that smart. I believe this is calculated on his part. This is a man who ran a major corporation; he knows how they operate; he knew what would happen when he started handing out money with no strings attached.

Back to the page.

Shirley gave out a tag, and I figured, what the hey, I’ll do it:

7 Things I plan to do before I die: own my own home, have a wonderful garden, learn how to play the piano, learn how to paint, learn how to make pottery (do we see a theme here?), create something that gives people joy, take a trip around the world.

7 Things I do now: Write, take care of my family, yoga, read, cook, learn new things as often as possible, play with the cats.

7 Things I won’t do: Believe that what happens in the world “doesn’t affect me” or that who is in charge of this country has no direct affect on my life; refuse to show up on voting day; wiggle out of jury duty, spend money in places that do not respect either their workers or their customers; write 20 articles/week for $1/article; jump out of plane unless my life depends on it; eat shrimp (love it, but I’m deathly allergic).

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex: A sense of humor, intelligence, compassion, a love for animals, courage, creativity, passion.

7 Celebrities I admire: I’ve probably worked with seven I admire, but since I don’t name names . . .

7 favorite foods: chocolate, mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie, key lime pie, apples, blueberries, raspberries (I can’t believe I have to stop at seven).

Although I can’t eat right now. I can still think about what I like once I’m well enough to eat again, right?



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  1. Yikes, yes, I forgot to put that I wouldn’t jump out of a plane unless my life depended on it. :o)

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling awful again. I know you have to work, but do take good care of yourself otherwise it will be ages before you’re fully recovered.

    As for Paulson, yes. He has to go. They all have to go. Now. I swear to God my dogs could do a better job with the economy than those who are currently wrecking our countries in spectacular fashion. But don’t get me on that one…

  2. You still can’t eat? You must weigh two pounds. But at least the thought of food isn’t revolting! That’s progress! 😉

    Paulson scares me, too. There seems to be no accountability here, and that is just WRONG.

  3. Goodness! So sorry you’re still not feeling good! Hope you take a turn for the better very soon!

  4. Yes the graphic is awesome.

    Hey! Neither of the purchase links work in your bookstore. And when I type in your name over at the site, only the mistletoe one comes up. So then I search on Ramsey Chase and see it. So the long story is bought them, but you may want to update your links!

  5. I truly hope you feel better soon. I know you have much to accomplish and am wishing for good health for you.

  6. Take a trip around the world while eating lots of blueberries sounds like an ideal plan to me. : ) I’m glad we have some dreams mapped out, otherwise, there’s too little motivation for busting our butts!!!!

    : )

    Take care, Devon, and FEEL BETTER!!!

  7. 14 just made chicken pot pie in school, and I realized I haven’t made it for AGES. The ultimate comfort food, I think.

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