Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008
Dark Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
End o’Hurricane Kyle

Yesterday was a typically Mercury Retrograde day. I left early to go to the theatre and the train was over an hour late. They had the trains to Stamford running on the New York track and moved the train to New York on the Stamford track (an hour late) for no discernible reason except, perhaps, the dickhead making these types of decisions was bored, which is the way Metro North works around here.

It was worse for the people on the train – they’d toddled along to Old Greenwich and then the train was taken back to Stamford and just sat there, of course, with no explanation.

Metro North can BITE ME.

There was a mother with two lovely small children on the train. Usually small children on the train are anything but lovely, but these two were hilarious. The youngest boy was maybe three, if that, and the oldest about five or six. She’d brought books with them, and the oldest was learning how to read. So there was a reading lesson on the train and then just plain reading stories. They looked out the window sometimes and commented on what we passed (or didn’t pass, when the train simply sat). The youngest was all excited because they were headed into the city for some sort of family gathering, and he would eat egg salad sandwiches with his favorite cousin, Lexie. They were adorable, and proof that one can bring up children to act like actual human beings in public. This was a strong contrast to the brat on the train home at midnight (why the HELL is a toddler on a train at midnight, instead of home in bed) who SCREAMED the entire ride back, and the parents did nothing. Personally, I think they should have been put off the train. I had my music turned up to the highest decibel level, that hurt my ears and couldn’t hear it over that brat’s screeching. And it’s not like there was anything wrong – the kid simply liked the sound of her own screams.

I wound up working both shows instead of just one last night. Got a bunch of work done on one actor’s costume, so he’s all set for awhile. Had lots of fun kidding around with everyone. These past few days at the show were really fun and relaxed for me. Because I’m in percolation mode instead of under harsh deadline, I didn’t have to stress that theatre time cut into writing time. I could just enjoy being there, and make notes and do stuff for the writing in between. It was a good balance.

A group of us went to a Balinese restaurant for dinner, which was lots of fun, and then kidded around with the boys before the show (I dressed the boys again). It wouldn’t be funny to write what we joked about – it was one of those things that was funny in the moment, and you had to be there. If you weren’t there, you just wouldn’t get it.

I’d gone grocery shopping early in the morning, before leaving for the theatre – today will be about cooking ahead and freeze it for when I return next week.

Blogging will be sporadic this week. I’m in Maine for the first portion of it and Philadelphia for the second half of it. I’m going to start work on The Big Project and The Western tomorrow with the new moon – I had a breakthrough in the plot of the Western that I think will work well. And I’m definitely ready to write a few chapters on The Big Project, and then stop and outline the rest of it in more detail, and go back to it.

I’m going to do some work on ANGEL HUNT today, pack, do some prep work for the other two projects, maybe work on the ghost story and Billy’s story (as in Billy from HEX BREAKER).

But I’ll have a leisurely pace. Tomorrow, the new moon begins a new cycle, and I need to hit the ground running.

I’ll check in when I can.


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  1. Amazing that two train rides can be so different, hey?

  2. Mercury Retrograde – that would maybe explain my own hassle with Lothian Buses yesterday, then. I should have known.

    Hope you have a good trip. Look forward to hearing all about it when you return.

  3. Enjoy your travels. May they be productive!

  4. I wish you safe journey! And I hope you have a lovely time.

  5. Maybe the kid was tired.
    I have no sympathy (sorry). Now being a parent, when I have to do things out of the ordinary like travel late at night with my kids or take long trips, it’s horrifyingly hard on me. I don’t do it except when needed. When people with no kids give me dirty looks, I mentally tell them what they can do.

  6. I’ll take the screaming kids over the shouting shizophrenics any day. I blame the parents for how kids behave, but having been the parent of one VERY restless kid, I know how exasperating it can be to take a child out in public (though mine were in bed at 8:30 every night, not up at midnight). That kid was exhausted, is my guess, and the parents were neglectful to her needs. Poor thing. Let’s hope she grows up to be more thoughtful to her own children.

  7. Sounds like that toddler was exhausted.

    Safe (and quiet) travels.

  8. Nothing is more annoying than a screaming baby in public. It is amazing how parents do not get their children under control. I think it is wrong to subject other people to that mess. The reason they are screaming in public in the first place is because they have no home training!

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